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Crosshair x670e Hero Optical Audio always drops, Rear audio weak, BT Lags

Level 7

I do video editing and ever since I built this PC in 10/2022 the Optical audio out always seems to randomly drop out.  Sometimes after 2-3 minutes, sometimes a few hours.  The ONLY way I have found to restore the audio is with a system restart. 

I then tried using BT audio for a while and the dropouts stopped, but the audio lag does not work well when trying to line up dialogue in a video editor.  I thought I had some great stuff then watched the videos elsewhere else and was embarrassed.

Then I tried running an aux from my monitors to my speakers with sound going through the display port.  This seemed like an okay fix for a while.  Not ideal, but it was working. 

Then recently I am trying to learn Davinci Resolve to move to that NLE.  As randomly as my optical output was dropping out, now just Resolve itself loses audio after a few minutes to a few hours.  No reason.  Oddly sound on the rest of the system works.  The only way to fix this is restarting Resolve.  While this may be a Resolve issue (Though no one I can find has had this issue and I have been looking all over) These are still audio issues I have never seen in over 25 years since building this PC with this Motherboard.   

Currently running BIOS 1415, but not inclined to update that yet as everything else seems stable and this audio issue has recurred in every bios.   Before this the only stable BIOS I had was 805 (I believe but unfortunately I didn't save that anywhere so I am screwed going backwards. ) and the motherboard shipped with a 7XX Bios. 

Speaking of losing my 805 BIOS, as a side note, when all the old BIOS's disappeared my original G.Skill 64GB 6000 CL30 RAM that I paid over $600 in October became useless as it was rated for 1.4 volts.  It blue screened within 2 minutes of getting into windows, even without setting a profile on it.   So now as a bittersweet trade off I am running Corsair 96GB (48x2) 5600 and that has been running great since I upgraded to 1415.  Quite thankfully Microcenter offered to buy back my original RAM at the price I paid for it in June even though I 1) Never really asked them to, just was explaining my problems, 2) The same kit brand new can be found for less than half that price, and 3) I never added an extended warranty to it.  They definitely have 5 Star Customer Service.  But I digress....

I would have been happy staying on the 805 BIOS forever with my original RAM as it was stable, but just had sound issues and I was always hoping this issue would be fixed in time with a BIOS or Driver update. I don't do overclocking- so I was not afraid of blowing up my CPU. Yes - all drivers, especially the sound drivers - I have kept up on every update with no improvement with the issue.