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crosshair VIII dark hero X570 8 pin pwr plug red led

Level 7


I bought used mobo asus rog crosshair viii dark hero. After I put everything together and install win10-64 I had bios massage when start pc

‘the system has only detected a single 4-pin connector connected for the cpu. it is recommended to connect the 8-pin power plugs for system stability and to prevent the motherboard from overheating under heavy usage’ 

And the 8 pin pwr plug led is red all the time (top left corner)

I had connect 8 pin power cable when I put the system together. 
The windows boot normally and everything look ok. System is stable, I was playing games for 2 days and had no issues. But I didn’t overclock cpu.

So far I try, swap psu cables but that didn’t help (Corsair rm1000x fully modular). Then I swap psu (Corsair 850w semi modular) didn’t help either. With those 2 attempts I try connecting 8 pin cable and 8 + 4 pin cables with no success. 
I start having worries that the mobo is faulty (no error codes or red led’s on Qcode). 

Is there anything I could try to fix this issue?? 

asus rog crosshair viii dark hero. Ryzen 9 5950x. 32gb gskill 3600 ram 4x8gb. Samsung nvme gen 4 1t system. Radeon rx6800xt. Corsair rm1000x (1000w) psu. Corsair AIO for cooling.