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Crosshair Hero X670E - Various DDR5 Rams - EXPO1, EXPO2, EXPO Tweaked - Occasional One Long Beep

Level 7


The motherboards sounds one long beep occasionally. Apart from that nothing happens. 
I have switched several different Memory types and various different OC profiles. It keeps occasionally beeping still.
I cannot find any beep code that represents a single long beep. So I dont think its a DRAM REFRESH error.
Anyone else has this? Can help with this? 

I have the following setup:

ASUS Crosshair Hero X670E
AMD Ryzen 7. 7800X3D
Corsair Dominator CAS30 DDR5 6000MHz
2x Crucial T705 2TB Gen5 NVMe M2 14
Samsung 990PRO NVMe M2 7450MB


Super Moderator

Hi @Defi 

Does the behaviour occur when the system is at Optimised Defaults? (Clear CMOS and change no parameters)

13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090

There is no real pattern as to when this occurs. Windows and anything else just keeps running fine.

It also occurs on Optimized/Standard settings. I have now since i have the Dominator 6000MHz switched it to EXPO 1 but using the 6200Mhz setting. i dont set a custom secondary timing. I saw on YT that Skatterbancher used a secondary timing of 107 and asynchronous mode for his 6400Mhz RAM but i have a different RAM so i dont know what to set. It should just work on AUTO if i dont use Precision Boost Override? I dont really want to overclock overall. I just would like to use the 6000 or 6200Mhz default EXPO mode and leave everything else as is.

I tried resetting to default and only changing EXPO1, 2 or Tweaked but it occurs still.

I have asked ASUS and they are saying that the motherboard doesnt make this kind of sound whether it could be anything else at all. Maybe its the Geforce RTX 3080TI? Or maybe the ASUS TUF 1000W Power supply? (I doubt it somehow i never heard of these items making a beep before)


As you mentioned i have pressed Clear CMOS now and started and sofar it hasnt beeped as far as i know (i am not permanently next to the machine for hours) but i will keep monitoring. Awaiting ASUS response on this as well.

Maybe i need to roll back the BIOS to the previous version (i upgraded BIOS to 1905)?

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @Defi 

Could you please clarify if this issue occurred after using the PC for a period of time or if it happened right after assembling the components?
May I ask if the long beep occurs during the boot process and is accompanied by an inability to boot, or is it under different circumstances?
Based on your description, it seems there are no other abnormalities besides the long beep.
Kindly share the scenario where the long beep occurs along with a video recording, so we can better understand your description.

Thank you.

sharing complete hardware info & software config details will help us better understand the issue 🙂

This doesn’t happen during boot and it also doesn’t break anything in windows. I assume it’s only a warning beep.


Now I have the suspicion it’s to do with low Fan speed limit? I have the NZXT water cooler attached to the AIO Fan Header. I also have one case fan on top of case which I have attached to the CPU Fan Header. I am running armory crate with the fans tuned and AI cooling enabled. The minimum Fan speed is der is 270 but is it possible when the Fan limit is set to 200 for the CPU Fan that the AIO cooling briefly stops the fan and since it’s set to instantaneous stop it simply stops or it drops to stop below or around 10% Fan Engagement?  Then I assume the motherboard will trigger a warning. But since ASUS says the motherboard doesn’t make any beeps so I am told I don’t understand. But this would explain to me why sometimes it beeps and stops beeping again once the fan speed is above 200 again! At least this makes sense to me. 
the CPU still gets cooled by the water cooling so it will just continue to operate.

should I have the CPU and CPU OPT Fan Header empty when using the AIO Fan Header? 

I have now put the warning to IGNORE limit in the BIOS and I have also set the downspin time to medium not instant to prevent a stopping of this fan attached to the CPU Fan Header.  I am monitoring th system now.