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CPU Fan Range resets on reboot

Level 7


I have a new system with a Maximus Z790 Hero, a ThermalTake T360, i9 13900k processor. 

CPU fans are plugged into the CPU header. Chassis fans (3 of them) are plugged into their respective slots on the MoBo as well.

When I first started the machine, the CPU fan was running at practically full speed. Armory Crate showed that 0% = 1436 RPM and 100% = 1470 RPM. So no matter how hot the CPU, the system was blasting those fans. 

Auto Tune didn't do anything because the range seemed to already be set. Even as it dropped the curve to an absurdly low level, the fans continued to blast. 

So I went into the BIOS and tinkered with Q Fan. This worked, albeit after a reboot. Armory Crate took over. Auto Tune dropped it down. The computer was practically silent. This went on for a couple days. 

Then a windows update required a restart. When I came in the next morning, the fan settings went back to what I described above. 0% = 1436 RPM...etc. And once again, tinkering with the BIOS worked and restored the fans back to where they should be. 

I engaged ASUS support, but they missed a key point, and weren't of much help. My CPU has never gone above 50 degrees since I built this machine. It's not hot. The fans are just blasting regardless of the temperature because somehow, the range keeps getting altered. 

The BIOS has the most current version. Windows is up to date. And honestly, even when the fans are blowing, everything works totally great. But obviously, I don't want the fans to be rocketing at full speed if they don't have to be. 

I'd love to hear some thoughts. 


Level 7

Just as an update, I shut off Fast Start. I have now rebooted with the fan profiles remaining intact. I'm not sure if that was the 'solution' so I'd still love to hear anyone's thoughts.