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Cpu code 23

Level 7

After assembly, the PC displays error 23 and after a couple of minutes it changes to error 40.

all components work, but the screen, mouse and keyboard do not

Motherboard maximus formula xii

Cpu i9-11900kf

Ram g.skill z neo 2x16 3600 14-14-14-34


Level 11

After assembly?

The I9-11900KF requires a BIOS version of 2103 or higher. Did you update to the latest BIOS version 2701?

when trying to update it gives the error update did not completed, I tried both via a flash drive and via an Internet cable, the result is the same

First, near the 24-pin, the CPU lights up red for half a second, then the dram lights up yellow.

Level 7

I was able to flash the BIOS, but when I turn on the computer boots and reboots cyclically with post code 00

 CPU lights up red for half a second, then the dram lights up yellow.

Try booting with one ram module in DIMM_A2 slot (page 1-5 in user's manual). 

nothing lights up near pin 24, only initially the dram is yellow when turned on, then goes out, the post codes have not changed

I do not know what cooler you have to cool your CPU, but you can try to loosen the screws a half or full turn. Might be a defective CPU or Motherboard.