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Correct driver installation procedure

Level 7

Motherboard: Rog strix b660-a gaming wifi d4

cpu: i7 12700 f

In menu chipset drivers there are a lot of different drivers

Intel Chipset driver, Intel Management Engine Interface Driver, Intel Dynamic Tuning Technology (APO), Intel GNA Driver, Intel SerialIO Software . What is different between Intel SerialIO Software and Intel SerialIO driver. Intel Management Engine Interface Driver and Intel Consumer ME driver and Intel Management Engine Interface(without word driver). Which of them should be installed?


Customer Service Agent

Hello, @Romissimo 

Thank you for reaching out.
After confirming with the relevant departments, it appears that the drivers you listed, including the Intel Chipset driver, Intel Management Engine Interface Driver/Intel Consumer ME driver/Intel Management Engine Interface, Intel Dynamic Tuning Technology (APO), Intel GNA Driver, and Intel SerialIO Software/Driver, have no specified installation order.

Furthermore, Intel SerialIO Software and Intel SerialIO driver are the same driver, and Intel Management Engine Interface Driver, Intel Consumer ME Driver, and Intel Management Engine Interface (without driver) are also the same driver. 
Please ensure that you have installed the latest version by checking the release dates.

We recommend that you refer to the relevant instructions in [Motherboard] How to install motherboard drivers and utilities? and if needed, you can update drivers through the Armoury Crate.

In addition, BIOS and Intel ME firmware might be affected by the update sequence.
For further instructions, please refer to [Motherboard] Intel® Management Engine Firmware Update Instructions (ME).

Thank you.

Just recently a new driver appeared for this motherboard.
Please tell me what it is for, and whether it needs to be installed?

Intel Dynamic Tuning Technology (APO) Driver

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @Romissimo 

Please refer to the Intel® Dynamic Tuning Technology (Intel® DTT) User Guide for details.
We recommend that you make the installation decision for this driver based on your specific requirements.

Thank you.