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Computer randomly turns off or goes to 00 (D0) code.

Level 8


for last month my computer sometimes randomly started either turning off (just shutting off and I can normally power it on) or just going into 00 (or maybe D0) error code (it become not responsive, screens go black, and I have to remove power to be able to power it back on again).

I had my computer running perfectly fine for like 3-4 years now. Everything started like a month ago when my computer froze and was not responsive. I had to turn off the power to make it turn on again. This happend while playing some game and computer being on for couple of hours. Since then I had either those freezes or things I described above. 

So I fought maybe the BIOS needs an update. So I checked but my BIOS is the latest version.
I had an old AIO and CPU temps were going kind of high so I replaced it. Temps are very nice now (almost never reaching 80+C even at big loads) but it still happening.

I read maybe I had some OS problems so I made a clean install of Windows 11 but its still happens.
Lastly I had some small OC on CPU and downvolting. I removed every change I did going to stock setting. The only thing I changed was the D.O.C.P for memory to the setting I had for last couple of years. The default one, I did not play with OCing my memory.

Nothing of those helped. And it is kinda confusing because those three things keeps happening from time to time without similarities in situations. Sometimes it happens after 2-3 hours of playing, sometimes I have PC on for 12-14 hours and it is fine without any problems. Sometimes it happens when PC is idle having only browser on. To be fair I am slowly losing it. I had to reseat my CPU and GPU while changing the AIO so I excluded this step. 

PC Configuration
CPU: Ryzen 5900X
GPU: TUF 4080 OC
Memory: Crucial Trident 4x8GB 3600MHz (running at 3466MHz to make it stable)
MOBO: ROG Crosshair VIII Hero Wi-Fi

PS I remind myself that I updated the BIOS like couple of days before it all started but I can not update to newest version casue this is the newest one.


Level 7

Ia also have this issue and it started not long ago

PC Confiuration

CPU: Ryzen 9 7950x


MEMORY: G.Skill Trident Z5 Neo RGB 32GBx2 6000MHz



Customer Service Agent

Hello, @UN1Z3R 

In order to do better with troubleshooting, we recommend that you provide a detailed background on the current problem, including the context in which it occurs, its frequency, and the troubleshooting steps you have already taken.
Please refer to my earlier inquiry if needed.

Thank you.

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @HousikTV 

May I ask, prior to the occurrence of this anomaly, have there been any instances of abnormal power outages or power interruptions and restarts?
Based on your description, the system freeze and unresponsiveness issue appears to be sporadic, occurring at times after 1-2 hours of use, after running normally for 14 hours, during idle periods, and has been experienced during gaming, idle usage, and web browsing.
Could you please verify if your current BIOS version is 4601, and specify which games this issue affects?

We recommend that you attempt the following troubleshooting steps to confirm whether the problem still persists:
- Clear CMOS with default BIOS settings (including without enabling DOCP).
- Verify if the memory you are currently using is listed in the ROG Crosshair VIII Hero (WI-FI) QVL.
- Memory QVL for AMD Ryzen™ 5000 Series Processors_X570-4DIMM
- Memory QVL for AMD Ryzen™ 5000 Series Desktop Processors
- Install a single memory module in the recommended DIMM_A2 slot.
- Perform cross-testing with an alternative CPU, memory, or system drive.

Thank you.

Hello Jiaszzz,
I've been having this exact same problem for the last 4 days this week, it all started when i was playing Minecraft and suddenly my PC turned off, black screen, all fans in my system at max RPM, code 00 (or D0?) and all i could do was to unplug my PC so that i could restart it, or power off and on the PSU.

My computer is barely 1 year old

PC Configuration
CPU: Ryzen 7950X
Memory: IN QVL 2x32 Kingston KF552C40BBK2-64 - 2132GB XMP 5200 - 5200 DS - SK Hynix 40-40-40-80 1.25
MOBO: ROG Crosshair X670e Hero

First my PC would shut down after 5 minutes of playing any game, suddenly it shut down instantly when entering a minecraft world or loading Halo Infinite, displaying the same symptoms i described before. Using Cinebench also made my PC behave the same way, even before choosing either CPU or GPU test. Other than that i can web browse and use illustrator and Photoshop without my PC shutting off, so i guess it only happens on heavy workloads.

Troubleshooting i decided to do:
- Unplug all cable extensions (right now all cables come directly from my PSU)
- Disconnect and connect all cables
- Unplug old SATA 2.5 HDDs i used to have connected
- Turn on PC with only one RAM
- Swap GPU with an old RX540 i have
- Cleared CMOS
- Turned of DOCP from RAM

After i did all of this, my computer worked fine, so i added the extra ram and decided to test my PC with my 3060 again, and it worked normally, i could play and use Cinebench without problems, but after one day once again i am having the exact same issues, shuts off, black screen, code error 00/D0, and no response.

Hope you can help us, i find it interesting that 3 people have the exact same issue at almost the same frame of time.
Have a great day.



Customer Service Agent

Hello, @PedroCO 

Based on your description, it seems that this issue was initially resolved during your troubleshooting steps. However, it resurfaced after the installation of the second memory module.
Could you confirm whether both of your memory modules are installed in the DIMM_A2 and DIMM_B2 slots as recommended in the user manual?

The occurrence of a crash and no display with the fans still running and Q-code suggests that this may not be a power loss situation.
Could you please specify the Windows version and build you are currently using and provide any system logs or results from tools like the Windows Event Viewer? 
Please share the detailed results of the Cinebench test as well, if possible.
To further investigate and rule out potential overheating issues, have you conducted any tests related to CPU, GPU temperature, and performance?

Thank you.

Hi Jiaszzz_ROG, so i decided to re-assemble my entire PC to discard inefficient cooler pressure and thermal paste, and to check if my CPU was correctly placed and all pins were fine.

So far so good, even with 2 ram modules occupied in the correct slots.

Now any idea or advice on how can i test my PC? beside Cinebench/Blender and videogames i really have no idea how to proceed with more serious CPU/GPU/RAM testing.


Use HCI Memtest Pro or Karhu RAM Test to evaluate memory stability. Alternatively, you can simply use the machine for the intended task and report back if you experience any instability.

13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090

Level 8

Hi Jiaszzz

I dont remember any power outage in my apartment for last 6 months. Yes the freezes occurs randomly. Two or three times while playing League of Legends. Two time while I was waiting for game (so no game open only client) 3-4 times when I was playing Path of Exile but never on the map (so during big load) only when I was in the hideout or something where there is no mobs etc. Few times when I left computer alone and just went out, when I came back it was either frozen or just turned off.

I have the 4601 bios.
My memory is on the list


I did not have problem with memory before and I used memtest86 recently to check for errors and after couple of hours there where non.

I did not try running on one stick or with DOCP off but I exculded those due to good memtest and running on the same settings for long time.
I do not have any CPU to cross test.

I can install in theory the system on different drive however It was happening on windows 10 before and after reinstall on Windows 11 it still happens. I am not sure if it will help but if you still advice it I can do it but it will take a moment of time. (Small note, none of my games is on the system driver but the crash also happend when non game where open.)

I tried sfc /scannow and some DIMM.exe commands to restore health like 3-4 times. They did find some errors during first run but next time the did not.

I will try maybe the one stick of RAM first but honestly I doubt it is this.

Let me know if you have more questions.

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @HousikTV 

Thank you for providing the specifications.
Have you tested whether the issues of lagging and occasional automatic shutdown still occur with clear CMOS and default BIOS settings, including DOCP disabled?
Apart from a fresh system installation, is there a possibility to switch to a different system disk to isolate any potential issues related to HDD aging or malware?
If possible, could you provide a video recording of the problem to help us further understand the specific scenario?

Thank you.