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Clarification on the Z690E Strix and the PCI-E slots modes regarding bios settings confusion.

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The BIOS allows for a bifurcation setting of 8x/8x, to which slots? In the manual in specifies that the M2 Quantum Gigabrick once inserted, runs at 4x mode. I had no plans to use the Atomic Superectangle in the build but that 8x/8x setting may indicate some good news, or not. 

Sorry for posting where it's gaming-centric but it's a ROG unit so best place to ask I figure, while not being used for gaming purposes the motherboard was the only thing available locally at the time of pur chase that seemed to be viable. I'm an old fart, disabled post-secondary student who needed to get an education because I can't dig ditches or turn wrenches anymore. I used conversational AI to educate myself as I dropped out of high school in Grade 9 and now we're cramming big compute into a desktop portable workstation for my Handi-cripple-capable needs and I'm afraid I'm a tad confused. I may be stuck here. The need was for GPU 8x/8x bifurcation. 

Is the setting in the BIOS indicative that this can still be done? Or does it mean 8x/4x/4x in reality?

I didn't think it would take this long to even start down the road of funding so at the beginning of September I bought what hardware I could to get up and running and realized recently I may have made a mistake since I am getting antsy and started getting ready to assemble, and it is what it is, long past the return date and there's really no reason to return it as it's functionally fine, I am taking it for a stroll now. I can't rightly ask for reimbursement from the disability equipment funding people if it's unsuitable but I can still sell it and put that towards a more suitable board

Thanks for those that have the know, also it feels like a missed opportunity not to have put water cooling ports on this Nanofusion Terafractal M2 VTEC-just-bricked-in-yo unit, should sus that out, Asus.




Customer Service Agent

Hello, @Beltalowda 

May I inquire about the specific usage scenario you are trying to achieve at the moment?
Regarding your description of manually adjusting PCIeX16 (G5) to [X8/X8], this is typically done to expand PCIe devices.

Could you please provide the following information to help us better understand your current usage requirements?
- the current BIOS version and the images of the setting in BIOS, or whether it is the default
- the brand, model name, and part number of the DRAM currently installed
- the brand and model name of the CPU, GPU, SSD/HDD, and PSU currently installed
- are there any extensions or adapters used to connect any devices, such as GPU or SSD?
- the OS version and OS build

Thank you.

Specific usage scenario is running local LLMs to make use of conversational AI/NLP for the purposes of having a tutor in a box so I can keep attending college. It works extremely well as I have some difficulties with human interaction, survived an attempted mass stabbing and its left me with some lasting damage, the medication they give me to attend school causes anterograde amnesia but without it I can't go, kind of a rock and a hard place issue. They offered to fund a tutor but over 4 years the cost of that is insane and I would rather drop out than take that funding. Smaller models were easier to run for highschool level education as I was a dropout, now with the current situation I pitched the idea of repurposing gaming market hardware into an AI box for bigger more capable models. Sharding allows big models to sit on dual 4090s without the need for nvlink. I am in my program to develop physical technology that connects the dots to use ML models to power assistive devices for the disabled so this, I hope, not only allows me to keep doing that but allows the validity of this use case to be of help to others. It doesn't need to do my work for me, just needs to be able to help me with understanding the material.

The PC components are disassembled currently, was just test benching some of the parts I do have while we wait and pray on funding approval, Bios is the latest, cannot give a more accurate answer with things apart again.

CPU is i9 13900K, 64gb Corsair DDR5 6000 CL40, waiting on the funding for the second kit. Not worried about them not working together as the shop said they would exchange both for a 4 stick kit if that went down, Dual 1200w Corsair RM1200x Shift PSU, have one, waiting on funding for 2nd, The Z690e Strix motherboard but yeah, maybe switching, Samsung 980 Pro 2TB for now,  waiting on Lian Li case because of the dual psu configuration, then the 4090s, whatever is cheapest since the coolers are going to be removed for w/c, the extra psu space is for a 3rd card when 5xxx launches, if it has a tdp around 450w. Lot of juice in one box but lots of cooling thats gotta be quiet since I dont want to disturb the young people in my classes. 

I had to quit video games and sculpting with clay when I lost full use of my hands, so going to school to fix these problems for others is all I care about but the ****** tutor cost was like $3600 per semester and theres no way I would accept that when we have the technology to repurpose gaming market hardware into high performance compute-in-a-can, two 4090s alone provide a paper calculation of 2.6 petaflops of fp8 operations, little over a decade ago the top supercomputer in the world couldnt hit that with 5000 xeon processors and 5000 gpu, amazing time to be alive.

If Best Buy had a proart in stock at the time I would have got that and a 192gb corsair kit but, had to make do.