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can't turn on after shutdown and unplugged, need to clear cmos everytime

Level 8

i can't turn on pc after unplug psu i need to press button clear cmos from motherboard everytime

but if shutdown without unplug psu it can turn on everthing is normal

i tired everything i can

1. flash older bios (now using latest bios and firmware)

2. unplug everthing and put back

3. check and clean clear dust cpu mb ram gpu ssd

4. jumping motherboard power switch

5. use another psu still can't

6. check mobo battery still 3v

7. clean install windows

cpu : 13700kf

mobo : rog z790-f gaming wifi

ram : Kingston 16gb 6000mhz

gpu : rog rtx3080

psu : TT GF1 850W

it just happen yesterday after i build 5 month ago, i playing everyday without problem

i have friend in facebook group he had problem like me too but he using gigabyte z790 happen 2-3day ago

sorry for my bad English



Customer Service Agent

Hello, @Mik3ky 

I apologize for the delayed response.
We recommend that you remove all external devices first, then refer to [Motherboard] Troubleshooting - No Power/No Boot/No Display and follow the test with minimal components section to isolate the possible cause.
Please cross-test with different hardware components one at a time, if possible.

Thank you.

Thank for Reply

after i clear cmos everything is work perfectly (but i must clear cmos evertime when i open pc) i played game 4-5 hours and i stop game i just play chrome like 5 mins my pc is shutdown i feel like it never turn on anymore so i press switch no response, i tired clear cmos many times it won't turn on anymore

i remove all external and test, remove ram and test, remove cpu and test still happen no boot no anything but Logo ROG RGB in mobo is showing it mean power is connnected to mobo but won't boot 

now i send to RMA warranty and bought new cheap mobo b760m connect everthing and press switch button everthing is work fine without problem

i think maybe bios error, i have to wait engineer to repair gonna take 1 month or 3 month maximum, if i got my mobo back i'll update soon

Level 8

i just got my mobo back from asus after 2 day ago with other serial number (not actually brand new)

i connect everthing is work fine test cinebench and game without problem 

i gonna sell my b760m soon