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Bios not recognizing m.2 SSD after windows restart

Level 7

I recently built a new PC with the following specs:

  • Motherboard: ASUS B660M-E D4 (Latest BIOS Version)

  • CPU: Intel I7-13700K

  • GPU: RTX 3060Ti

  • RAM: XPG SPECTRIX D60G 16G 2x8 DDR4 3600MHz CL18 (which I later found out is not supported by the motherboard)

  • SSD: 512 HIKVision

  • HDD: 2TB WD

    My problem is that when I enable XMP, the motherboard can't read the SSD at all. After some research, I found out that I need to install Intel ME to fix the problem. After installing Intel ME, the motherboard can now detect the SSD at startup, but whenever I restart Windows, I get a blue screen with different error messages each time, such as "BAD_SYSTEM_CONFIG_INFO" or "CRITICAL_SERVICE_FAILED." After the blue screen, the PC automatically goes to BIOS, and the SSD is not detected as a bootable drive. I have to shut down the PC and start it again for it to work properly.

    I initially thought that the issue might be due to the XMP, so I tried to work without XMP, but the problem persists. I'm not sure what's causing this issue, and I would appreciate any assistance you can provide.


Customer Service Agent

Hello, @MohamedKhalid .

May I ask Which slot are you currently installing the M.2 SSD in? Please cross-test with another slot.
Please refer to [Motherboard] Troubleshooting - Cannot find the hard disk drive or SSD(M.2) after motherboard powers... and follow the steps, including enabling [CSM] in the BIOS.

Thank you.

Slot 1, I already tried the solutions from this video it doesn't seem to solve the problem for me. 

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @MohamedKhalid .

Have you tried cross-testing with another M.2 slot? It is also recommended that you test with another M.2 SSD and memory on the QVL list as well.
Also, please refer to How to clear CMOS?, clean the CMOS, and then open CSM again.
If the problem persists, please provide the following information:
- the brand and model of the GPU, SSD, and PSU currently installed
- the OS version and OS build, Is the current system disk an HDD?
- all the settings in BIOS, accompanied by the respective images

Thank you.