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Z690 Formula refund(buyback) issue

I've been dealing with Asus Customer service for almost 3 months now over my Z690 Formula.  Asus offered a refund (buyback as they call it) or repair for the Z690 Formula because of the VRM issue.  (see Asus z690 formula repair/refund )  For the 2nd ...

Resolved! z790-e LAN disconnecting - update

Frustrated beyond all belief at this point with this motherboard.  Been up and running for almost 2 months.  Initially had massive trouble with the LAN disconnecting for no reason and ultimately solved it by turning off wifi and blutooth in the bios,...

RMA website returns server error 500

Attempting to replace a dead motherboard that's under warranty. RMA website returns a 500 error upon final submission.What are the correct steps for an RMA since appears to be non-functional?


The new ROG Motherboards for Ryzen 7000 series, and in this example, the:  "ASUS X670E Crosshair Hero"Well.. What else can I say but 2 things.1. Just watch this from Gamers Nexus: "HOT" Danm ASUS.... What...


Hello, I just wanted to share my utter disappointment with ASUS. I spent $853.99 on the Z690 Formula Motherboard. A manufacturer defect was discovered (ASUS used cheap aluminum) in the VRM water block.Here is how my support journey went:Contact Asus,...