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X670E-E withe Both Intel & Realtek Ethernet Adapters

I just completed my build with an X670E-E motherboard and 7950X3D CPU.  The MB specs list the Intel I225-V Ethernet controller, but my system lists both an Intel I-225V and a Realtek USB 2.5 GbE Family controllers.  Each is fully operational, either ...

RAM not recognized on Rog Strix M760-I

 As written in title is my problem I have build CPU i7-13600K, GPU Nvidia 4080, PSU Corsair 1000W, RAM DDR5 16GB x2 Kingston Fury Beast 6400MT/s, MB Asus Rog Strix B760-I. So I have build this into NZXT H5 Flow case and when I try to turn it on I rec...

Stability Issues Need Some Guidance

Hi all -Have had a very tough time with my new build (specs below) in achieving OC stability. My UEFI settings are mainly AUTO with AIOC enabled and multicore enhancement disabled (enforce intel limits). With AIOC my CPU is hitting upwards of 5.7 ghz...

Q code 27

1 long beep 2 short, q code 27, pc not started. No information about 27 error code in internet. Motherboard asus ROG CROSSHAIR VII HERO WI-FI 5102 bios. Just watched YouTube and then blue screen, reboot and not starting. Bad English, I'm ukrainian, s...

Horozor by Level 7
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Uninstalling Amory Crate.

I need to know that if I uninstall Amory Crate that it WILL NOT effect my bios in any way, like removing it if that's possible?? or screwing up drive or RAM settings. I installed it a few wks & I've had nothing but issues. Want to uninstall to see if...

Strix B660-I + 12900KF no undervolting?

Hi,I have the above mobo and CPU in an SFF, I'm getting hi temps and wanted to look at bringing them down, however in bios I am not seeing the option to change the microcode to 104 to allow the moment I can't do anything9 in that rega...

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