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ROG STRIX z790-a gaming with i7-14700K

Trying to plug a ROG strix 2080ti GPU into the PCIE 5 slot on this MB and it will not detect it. Works fine on the PCIE 4 slot, but this slot is too close to chassis and is getting super hot.Am I missing a setting in the BIOS to get the GPU to be rec...

Low volume from line out port

Hello.ROG MAXIMUS Z790 HERO, BIOS 0904, win 11 fresh installation. Using 5.1 audio system - the CS-Out and RS-Out ports give good volume level, but Line-Out is extremely low. The front panel port has good volume level.I tried different cable and spea...

Screenshot 2023-06-19 205827.png
hlpmeob1 by Level 7
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Asus QCode Error 53 After Restart.

Hello good morning.I have a problem, Every time I restart my computer the motherboard gives me error code 53 and it freezes on a black screen and I have to shut down the computer forcefully to be able to access again normally... These are my componen...

AlSa by Level 9
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ASUS Rog Strix Thor 850w Platinum and new motherboard

Hello!I have an ASUS Rog Strix Thor 850w Platinum PSU (fully modular) and an older ASUS motherboard. However, I´ve just bought a new z790 plus motherboard. The power connectors on the mobo are 2x12v, and my older motherboard has  the 1x12v socket and...

lbera by Level 7
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Building my very first PC ASUS

Building my very first PC ASUS and loving the building process but have an issue with the ASUS Helios has 2 SATA cables which I assume are ARGB so this gets connected straight to the SATA on the PSU daisy chained. And have an extra USB 3.0 cable that...

STRIX Z790-H Gaming WIFI issues

Been working on a nightmare build.  I've now had to RMA RAM, MB, and PSU.   The system 'turns on' but, there is no tones, but the system appears to not post.  I also pulled the external GPU and tried the on-board GPU.. still nothing.   I'm out of ide...

B650E-F T-Sensor value freeze

Hi, I have the problem, that the value of the T-Sensor freezes randomly. My waterloop and the fans are driven by this value in Armoury Crate and this gives me big problems in my rig. The Sensor is connected to the T-Sensor header and is located at th...

pbogocz by Level 7
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Asus ROG Strix X670E-A AMD Expo issues 1709

I've built a brand new PC, bios is up to date, however whenever I try to play the system freezes/rebootI've tried tons of deferent stuff to get the memory stable, nothing that is done seems to work.For example:1st - AMD EXPO I profile set to 6ghz ( o...

RSN by Level 7
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