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9e error code on restart

i recently built a pc with the crosshair viii hero and was in the process of clean installing windows 11 from a bootable usb, finally got to the stage where it was actually installing and during the file installation it displays the 9E code on the mo...

rice7ty by Level 7
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Turning on resizable bar on 9xxx Intel CPUs?

Hello, is it good idea to try turn on resizable bar on Intel 9600kf, I have option in BIOS. I have RTX 3070. It is possible it won't register, but some ppl say on reddit it worked with their 9xxx CPU! I don't want to brick anything, or like that, so ...

empleat by Level 10
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Please help me make Armory Crate fully functional

Since I have tons of apps and settings, I cloned my old Win10 (Asus Z97D) and transferred to the new PC (Asus ROG Z790). It booted fine from the very start. Updated all drivers and no issues. All old apps are working, which is great. But...With Armor...

Should I install BIOS with ButLocker on anyways?

I just made my first PC and it has no Operating System or Data on it so should I update the BIOS anyways?More context: I have the B550M-HDV motherboard with a TeamGroup MP33 m.2 and a Ryzen 5 5600G, so when I tried to install my Operating System my m...

fahai8 by Level 7
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Z790 Hero: Q-Code D7 and video signal and no boot.

Hi all, I just finished putting together a new build but I have a big problem and I've been freaking out all day.I9 13900KAsus Z790 HeroGskill Trident Z5 DDR5 CL-34 RamStrix 4090 OCWhen I turn on the PC it does not give a video signal and the Q-Codes...

20230411_194318.jpg 20230411_194106.jpg

X670E-A Gaming Wifi potential problem

have done a complete clean install of os, ddu'd gpu drivers twice, still getting bug check errors, and pc randomly restarting when playing Diablo IV, and Baldur's Gate 3.  No BSOD. just black screen and system restart.AMD Ryzen7 7800x3dPSU Coolermast...

B650e-e Realtek audio control won't show EQ and Enviroment

Hi i have a problem with the realtek audio control, it won't show up EQ and enviroment settings and because of that i can't use my 5.1 speakers. Even tho the 5.1 speaker setting show up they dont work without setting the enviroment setting to "room"....

KHS1 by Level 8
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