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ASUS Prime X670-E Pro Wifi Overclocking

I have looked tirelessly for a guide on CPU overclocking for this motherboard. All the guides I've found are for ROG boards.I have a 7950x. I recently swapped out for a 7950x3d and decided it wasn't a big enough performance upgrade to warrant the cos...

ahull0 by Level 7
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Resolved! STRIX X670E-E + 7950X: d6 error

I have a new STRIX X670E-E board with a 7950X CPU, 2x48 GB RAM (Corsair, on the QVL), 2x 2TB Samsung 990 Pro (on socked M.1_1 + M.1_2) and a Crucial P3 Plus 2 TB (on socket M.1_3) and a Seasonic Prime PX-450 power supply. I don’t have any GPU install...

kusmi by Level 8
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ROG STRIX X670E-E GAMING & ThunderboltEx4 issue

I have installed a new ThunderboltEx4 in my Strix X670E-E motherboard but it is not detecting the thunderbolt dock that is connected to it.The thunderbolt dock (Plugable TBT3-UDZ ) shows up fine when connected to a different PC so the problem seems t...

Tiercel by Level 7
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Tuff gaming 4070 ti on a tuff gaming x570 plus wifi mobo.

So I got myself a 4070 ti and tried to replace a 1660 supper on my 3 months old x570 plus wifo mobo.The computer worked fine for like an hour after that it staryed crashing after talking with support it aeems the gpu has a defect since the computer w...

satuo8 by Level 7
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TUF GAMING Z790-PLUS WIFI ddr5 version

Hello,I am building a new system and I thought about updating the BIOS when my new board TUF GAMING Z790-PLUS will come in. I wanted to know, should I install windows and all my driver (including the latest intel ME driver) before updating the BIOS? ...

5omnus by Level 8
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Z790 HERO Does not wake from sleep

Hello,I have a Z790 hero with a 13700k and DDR5 96GB at 6400. The system works great, but despite putting the power plan to "Never go to sleep", sometimes I will find it asleep and it will not recover, doesn't matter if I click the mouse, press on th...

Yumi_0-1693236353434.png Yumi_0-1693236483182.png
Yumi by Level 8
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Asus Motherboard will not find second Hard Drive

I have an AUUS B85M-E Motherboard with the latest bios version 3602. It does not recognize secondary drive. No matter what I do it will not find any hard drive other than my boot drive. It always finds the boot drive. I have changed the SATA cable an...

Woody73 by Level 7
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Resolved! B760-A Gaming Wifi bios ver 1220 zip file is corrupted

I downloaded bios 1220 zip file on Asus official support website but cannot unzip it along with message error from winrar saying that the file is corrupted. Have anyone face the same issue as mine? If yes, please show me how to fix it. Thank you. 

Mythael by Level 8
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