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PC shutting down suddenly and randomly

 Hi, my pc keeps having shut down and don’t restart again unless I turn off the power supply from the back, that happens randomly and in between the pc works perfectly even under load, hours of gaming and stress test, my pc is quite new I just built ...

DrMGZ by Level 7
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Re: STRIX B760-F GAMING WIFI slow POST with PCIe cards

Now I see it (I am new to this forum ). I will test and see if any of the options change the way the system POST's. No the card is not fawlty. It works great when the computer has booted up. When installing the card in the G5 slot I have fast POST (5...

Micam by Level 8
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(Solved) ASUS ROG STRIX B650E-I not turning on

UPD: the problem is solved - was triggering wrong pins (yeah, as simple as that).Hi everyone.It's a brand new rig that I assembled a few days ago and everything was working fine, but I decided to re-assemble it to ensure proper cable management. Howe...

Motherboard b550m-e WIFI won't post the first time

I just installed the b550m-e WIFI  motherboard and I did not reinstall windows.Also updated the RAM from 16GB to 32GB dual channel (4 sticks) and 2 of them are lower CL speeds, but the profile to 3200 worked like a charm from the first post. Processo...

issues with Asus B550-XE GAMING WIFI

i've been testing a bit this board bios settings and i'm using a ryzen 7 5700x, and i noticed that the cpu overheats for no reason, even with PBO Fmax enhancer and Core Performance Boost disabled and cpu frequency set manually to 3.4 without any kind...

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