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Windows volume decreases by itself

Hello Everyone, this problem occurred after upgrading my system to 13th gen intel going from amd and I'm not sure why or what to do to fix this problem. Basically what happens if every time I'm doing something my windows volume lowers itself and when...

rog strix b650e-f gaming WIFI no boot/post

Hi, I recently bought my new pc and it's the first time building/assembling one myself. What can go wrong right?I am trying to boot it, but nothing is showing up on screen. The VGA LED on the motherboard is lid up white and the one below is lid up gr...

Daanvp by Level 7
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Hello friends. I'm again here for another little problem. Lately my system wont power on till i must umplug the power wait 1-2 minuts and also with this procedure sometimes i must repeat 4-5 times until the system starts normally. i have all rog devi...

Motherboard Drivers

I have a z790-h with 14700k do I need to install the chipset drivers and the management driver? Also is the io and raid drivers needed even if I don’t use raid, I noticed there was also an intel dtt driver what exactly is this driver and is it needed...

x670E Hero Randomly Rebooting

I have been using this system for around 6 months now with no issues.  Recently, the system has started rebooting randomly throughout the day while gaming.  I have removed all 3rd party software (iCUE, Afterburner, AIDA64 Sensor Panel, RivaTuner, etc...

Unknown Q-Code

Using a ROG Crosshair VIII Dark Hero.  Trying to debug a pair of CPUs that only work in one motherboard (out of 3 now tried). Figured I'd use the Q-Codes to look up where it got stuck as the other MB doesn't have such a nice debug read out. Got the c...

Resolved! ROG Z790-I HIVE cable help - 2nd try / bump

Mods, please check with the Taiwan head office developers - what is the precise specification for the HIVE cable. Pictures in the manual show usb-type-C-3.2-gen2. I presume the mating socket on the MB is usb-type-A-3.2-gen2 (although the manual doesn...

1TM1TM by Level 11
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The network adapter refuses to work 228V

This driver does not load on my computer: Intel I225 / I226 LAN Driver V2.1.3.3 For Windows 11 64-bit.There is no Ethernet adapter in the device manager, it is goneWhen downloading the LAN driver from the official website, nothing happens, or writes ...

luluSS by Level 7
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