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Resolved! B650E-E Q-Code b8

My B650E-E based system has been running fine since I built it a few months ago and it has the latest BIOSToday I came home and it had powered down itself and now when I power-up it the Q-Code displays 15 for a while and then hangs displaying "b8" wi...

samrk by Level 8
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Strange light

I lost all power on my computer so I replaced the power supply and I'm getting a strange purple flashing light above the normal LED status lights. Still no power just that light flashing. Anyone have any ideas?

Resolved! SOS

Time of day is precious to everyone. I ordered myself an ASUS ROG Strix B550-A Gaming board I installed everything and everything is fine))) But 1 oltik from (radiator) which is pressed to the m2 SSD broke I'll post a couple of photos below... 1) doe...

iskra by Level 9
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Resolved! Bios and microcode

hi,i have some thermal issues with a b750-g gaming d4 wifi with a i5 with bios 1030 and no undervolt - max temp @95C+bios 1030, mcode 104, -128.9mV - max temp @65Cbios 1658 (no undervolt possible even with mcode 104 active - max temps past...

RAHM01 by Level 8
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x670e Hero hard crashes with reboots

Hi, Setup: 7950x, x670e hero, 32gb ddr5 with 2 sticks. I have two screens, one is a TV and my playstation 5 is also connected to the TV.Im getting crashes whenever I do very specific things. These crashes are always the same - screen goes black and t...

Naekyr by Level 7
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Rog B550-F Gaming NVMe Issue

I have a current installation Win10 Pro, no issue booting from NVMe Samsung 980 Pro.  I just recently purchased a Crucial P3 Gen3 NVMe for additional storage.  Installed fine, formatted.  Upon reboot, computer take a long time to go through post, the...

CPU issues

B650E-E wont' boot after 3 months of working fine. Removed the Ryzen 7900 CPU and noticed some black marks on the socket pins (below) Never been overclocked, latest BIOS and default settings. What next?    

samrk by Level 8
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