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New PC build, constant freezing and crashing.

PC freezes after 10-60 seconds of being turned on, where PC lights stay on but screen, mouse and keyboard freeze and I have to hard reset. Or I get “clock_watchdog_timeout” bluescreen. I’ve RMA’d the motherboard, RAM and M.2, updated all drivers, BIO...

Armoruy Crate issues

Hello, I might not be the first one but 3 weaks ago, my leds on the motherboard and Aio suddenly went to default rainbow mode. I opened Armoury crate and on Aura Sync my motherboard and the accessories arent listed and the Fan control is also gone bu...

Z590-E Gaming Wifi BIOS rollback.

Hey guys,I have a Rog Strikx Z590-E Gaming Wifi and I need to make an BIOS rollback, but I don't know how, I am at the version 1701 and I wan't to go to the 1601, I need to spoof my HWID, so I need to flash the BIOS.I tried the normal way, but it sai...

zakx by Level 7
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B550 Gaming-A XMP Issues

How accurate is the memory QVL list for these motherboards? I have purchased a kit of 16GB G.Skill Trident Z ram. I purchased the ram and assumed it would go well as it is on the QVL. The ram is working fine at stock (2133mhz) but as soon as XMP is e...

lvmarv by Level 7
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ROG Z690 Formula Q-Code buggs

Hello. I've had this problem since I upgraded to windows 11. Everytime I try to boot up my pc the error Code gets stuck and it resets to 0 and starts again until it finally works. Usually it says Code 69 and then to 0. Sadly I can't send in a video t...

2wild by Level 7
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BIOS Update, now I can't boot any of my drives.

Hey!So as the title reads, I can't boot anything, not even my USB stick which have fresh windows installer on it.Before all this happened, my PC was working fine.So how did this start?Well, I recently picked up my new ram sticks and plugged them in m...

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