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X670e motherboard boots automatically when plugin

Hello everyone, I am facing a problem with that X670e motherboard booting automatically when connect to the power. I have already disabled power on in the power management of the BIOS. 1. Every time I turn off the computer and turn off the power. On ...

Lin0129 by Level 9
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Computer crash. Then Error code 00 with no display

So I have recently started  having a problem where my computer will crash and black screen. If I turn it back on, it will give me error code 00 on my motherboard. The front fans and the back fan won’t run. The two cpu fans however are running. Someti...

STILL Unidentified Asus Z790-E XMP Problem

After reading through a lot of threads, the real XMP problem with this motherboard has not been identified. I recently purchased a Z 790-E with an Intel 13900K processor and Corsair DRAM on the QVL. However, my system only boots with XMP disabled, an...

mroth21 by Level 8
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CPU Fan Range resets on reboot

Greetings,I have a new system with a Maximus Z790 Hero, a ThermalTake T360, i9 13900k processor. CPU fans are plugged into the CPU header. Chassis fans (3 of them) are plugged into their respective slots on the MoBo as well.When I first started the m...

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