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HD_LED on asus hero maximus z790

I'm just wondering if this orange light that keeps flickering on my motherboard which is the HD_LED if it's normal or not? would appreciate it if anyone could tell's a pic I took of my motherboard  


One of my PCI SSDs does not appear

Hello I have just purchased a Strix Z690-F Gaming WIFI motherboard, 13the gen i7 64gigs ram.Most everything is working fine, however the top most PCI ssd slot, the one just below the CPU does not seem to work, There is a 1tb ssd in there and windows ...

RAM problem with Z690-F

Hello there,My Ram can't run 5200 mhz. I have the Asus Rog Strix Z960-F and Corsair Dominator DDR5 5200 mhz. I run 2 pairs of 32GB = 64 GB.The ram runs only 4000 mhz. If i set manually the speed to 5200 my system is getting very unstable.I run the la...

rog strix z790-e gaming wifi not booting

My motherboard isn't booting, and I'm probably sending it back, but I wanted to double check it's not another issue.  I've attached all power connectors to the board and the left side of the board has an LED under the logo thing that lights up but no...

13900KF Undervolt Z790-F Gaming

Hello guys, I have a issue with my cpu's temps. I did some research and found 1 setting from MSI board called "CPU lite load" and intel's rec is "9" for that setting on MSI board. I also try to search this setting equivalent to asus board and couldn'...

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asus rog strix x670e-e gaming wifi

Hello allI am looking for a PC case that will allow me to use some of the front usb headers from the asus rog strix x670e-e gaming wifi motherboard on a case front i/o panel. brand is not an issue or price. Preferable a Mid atx size case.  Will the c...

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