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Need help with new build

Hello, I have recently built a computer but get the d6 error code. I have a Rog strix z590-e, i5 10600kf, gigabyte vision 3060, Corsair vengeance rgb pro 16 gb, Rog strix lc ii white edition and Msi mpg a650gf. If it helps, the motherboard has built ...

New ROG Strix 4090 crashing

Hi all, yesterday I received my new ROG Strix 4090 (non OC) and after installing it I was disappointed to find that I can't play any game for more than a few seconds.As soon as I'm loading a moderately demanding game, they crash with slightly differe...

Resolved! z790-e LAN disconnecting

I'm stuck with an issue and not sure how to resolve.This is a new PC build.  Everything 'seems' to be working fine on the mother board but I have this weird issue where it will randomly just disconnect from my mesh router/LAN.  I use a wired connecti...

ROG Maximus Z790 Hero & Hyper M.2 Card

 Trying to figure out how to properly configure the Hyper M.2 card (As 2 separate drives instead of Raid). Spoke to Asus but couldn't get a straight answer. Asus told me to Enable Launch CMS and the card would be recognized. That didn't work. I read ...

Resolved! Z690-F m2_1 boot problem

Hi I have been having this problem for a long time on my newly assembled system and I have not found any solution.If you can help me with this, I would be very pleased. The problem is as follows;I'm plugging the Samsung 980 Pro SSD into the M2_1 slot...

Kaan by Level 9
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TPM PCR7 binding fails due to firmware breaking TCG spec

BitLocker-API events from eventvwr report that "BitLocker determined that the TCG log is invalid for use of Secure Boot. ", also "BitLocker cannot use Secure Boot for integrity because the expected TCG Log separator entry is missing or invalid."I loo...

holmes0 by Level 7
  • 5 replies
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ROG STRIX Z490-E GAMING won't turn on after flashing bios

Hello everyone,I bought a ROG STRIX Z490-E GAMING motherboard on December 20, 202 .I didn't take it out of its box until Wednesday, July 5, 2023. I bought an I9-11900k for this motherboard. I don't have a GPU yet but the CPU has one built inSo on Wed...

leka by Level 7
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