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Updating UEFI BIOS?

Hey guys, I was hoping someone could help me out with an issue I am having.  I guess I will give as much details as possible.I built my Desktop myself btw if thats important. CPU: AMD® Ryzen 7 2700x eight-core processor × 16GPU: GeForce GTX 1060My Mo...

Screenshot from 2023-09-23 11-00-45.png Screenshot from 2023-09-23 11-02-08.png

Problems MB Asus TUF Z690 Plus D4

Hello guys. When Armory Crate installed a chipset driver update, it got stuck at 55%, after which I had no video signal. When restarting the PC, the CPU and RAM pass the test, the GPU does not pass it and I receive a sound code of 1 long beep and 3 s...

Resolved! Post code C5 on the Asus Crosshair X670E Hero motherboard

Good day. This is the situation: an Asus Crosshair x670e Hero motherboard was purchased for an AMD Ryzen 7950X processor. As a result, during the assembly of the PC, a post code C5 problem with the RAM was detected (the RAM is compatible with the pla...

OmLed by Level 9
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7590-plus wifi bios wont detect m.2 ssd

7590-plus wifi bios ver: 1801 Intel core i9-10900kI’ve seen other threads about this and tried researching on my own but I cant get anything to work;Things I’ve tried: 1. Updated bios 2. Unplugged and replugged the ssd in 3. Fiddle around with bios s...

minibo1 by Level 7
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hi, i recently updated my pc, with intel Core I5 13500, Asus PRIME H770-PLUS D4 mobo and 32GB kingstone fury ram. I am quite a bit confused about my motherboard. is this motherboard good enough for this CPU? i want to use full potential and max boost...

B650E-E - Some rear I/O USB ports non-functional

I recently got a b650e-e system set up, and noticed that some of my USB devices weren't working. Normal troubleshooting, I just unplug and replug somewhere else - worked - good to go, moving on. But lately, as I've added more devices occasionally or ...

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