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B550f gaming latest bios issues

The latest bios for the b550f gaming just seems very broken. The bios settings for overclocking and  precision boost overdrive just don't work correctly even when set to the same.If you just use the advanced section it does not set correct values for...

z690 apex 00 code wont even go to bios

so bought this a month ago for a build i been saving up for...have a 12900ks with 32gb ddr5 6400 ram...anyways when turned on i get 00 code and thats boot but all fans and rgb stuff turn on as if its booted.i am at a loss as what to do..i tri...

TUF Gaming B650M-Plus WiFi Wrong VCore Voltage in BIOS?

Hi. I was doing some test this evening with new beta BIOS 1634 and ol 1414.Into BIOS the CPU CORE Voltage is around 1.4V near the CPU temparature graph and also if you set it manually it says that default VCore is 1.4V. Instead, in windows, Ryzer Mas...

Cava by Level 7
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Resolved! X670E-A Bluetooth stopped working on new Win11 PC

The Error message is"The local Bluetooth adapter has failed in an undetermined manner and will not be used. The driver has been unloaded."And that's it.Disabling/enabling Bluetooth in the BIOS Onboard Devices section doesn't make any difference. Blue...

duppy1 by Level 8
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Resolved! New bios doesn’t support expo

I update my bios from 1402-1410. Seems like both bios doesn’t support Expo. Every time I turn on expo to get the full speed for my rams, after restarting my window it stuck at Q code 97. Just too tired at this point trying to keep updating all these ...

VenusXO by Level 8
  • 11 replies
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SATA Connections

Hello, I have anASUS ROG X570 Crosshair VIII Hero (Wi-Fi) ATX, Serial Number: N2M0KS085236B2JI'm trying to find out if it has "SATA, SATA II, SATA III, or what? Going by this description, I'm guessing it has the SATA connections, or does it?  ASUS RO...

Bigfan3 by Level 7
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Motherboard Recommendation

Trying to decide on an ATX option for my build as the first board I ordered had some issue in shipping from Amazon and never arrived. Choices are Asus ROG Strix 790-A Gaming

Resolved! rog-strix-z490-e hard to turn on

rog-strix-z490-e motherboardThe pc is hard turn on, when i power off the pc i have to wait 20 min before it will turn on again 

Cirkel by Level 7
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