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ROG Strix B450-F Gaming Video LED on, How to remove

I have ROG Strix B450-F Gaming motherboard, it worked fine for last 2 yearsLast week I started having issues with board .  then it just stopped, no displayThe VGA light now stay's on ( Bright white LED) , to resent i did following, removed battery fo...

jack01 by Level 7
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pcie graphics gen 3 not working on first slot

specsheetintel i9 7980xe(48 pcie lanes)asus x299-e gaming iigskill trident z neo c 3600 cl16asus strix rtx3080 delta power 850w platinumI recently put together my new system with refurbished and used parts.For some reason all my gpus won't work in th...

After turning on XMP, Q-Code 40 will appear when booting

After entering the Bios and turning on XMP, shut down the computer, turn off the socket power, turn on the socket power after 5 seconds, and press the power button. The motherboard will run for 1 second and then stop immediately for 3-5 seconds, The ...

noob help needed please rog strix x570-e wifi motherboard

Hello sorry noob hereI am having a problem with my pc.Basically new graphics card rtx4070ti is not working correctly.Support has asked me to check it is conected to pcie 16 lane. "made sure in BIOS that the GPU is receiving 16 PCIE lanes" I have no i...

ROG B650-A gaming G.skill expo boot issues

Hi,I recently build my new pc. But ive come across what seems to be an infamous expo issue. Whenever i try any of the expo profiles and leave the bios, my pc refuses to boot and the motherboard ram led stays on until i turn off the pc. I have tried s...

Semmie by Level 8
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Resolved! old motherboards

please can someone tell me what is the latest bios driver for the motherboard and where can i download itThanks.Model - MAXIMUS V GENE serial 120700321900468

Iexxo by Level 7
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ROG Maximus Z790 Formula

I chose this board as the backbone of a new PC build but am having issues POSTING. PC Parts list here: On powering up the RAM lights up, but no video from either on board video or the GPU. No error LEDS, no Q codes.Have re-seated, swapped out cables....


ROG Maximus Z790 Extreme - Slow to Boot Windows 10

I almost never have to boot the computer. The other day I strayed onto a website that got me and I had to reinstall Win10. I keep only Win10 on my C drive and my data files are on a RAID on drive D. My boot time from the ASUS BIOS screen to fully loa...

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