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Asus strictly z790-e showing 98 and b4

I am a new builder and put this pc together today.. it has a I9 13900kf and a 4070 2 2tb ssds and 32g of vengeance ram. When I go to boot it will pop up 98 every time and then if I move the keyboard to a different slot it goes to b4. I can’t get it t...

Resolved! ROG MAXIMUS Z790 HERO BIOS 1801

I have everything now and ready to put it all together I914900k / 128 ddr5 6000 MHz Corsair Vengeance ramI know I need 1201 bios update for the 14th gen Intel but can I just go with the 1801 latest Bios update? 

Kman by Level 7
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Asus Prime x470 Pro - Power and Ram frequency issues

I've been out of the gaming pc scene for around 20 years now but my younger brother has jut upgraded his pc. He gave me some of his old components, mainly: an Asus Prime x470 Pro motherboard, a Ryzen 7 Processor + fan/heatsink, a Corsair PSU and an N...

Another Armory crate post, go figure.

So i updated armory crate today. Been awhile since i ran it and noticed that not only was my rgb the wrong color on my mobo but my ryujin 360 screen was showing default animations. So get into armory crate, there was updates, updated and now ofcourse...

Intel Rapid Storage

Hello everyone, I have a quick question about Intel Rapid Storage.I came across a new IRST driver on the update page for my mainboard (Z790 Gaming-F Wifi).This made me question how useful this function actually is.Unfortunately, you can only find ver...

Z590 ROG Maximus Hero XIII, Coilwhine?

I recently upgraded my mobo and cpu from 9700k/z390 to 11700k/z590. The motherboard I am using is the "Z590 ROG Maximus Hero XIII". Now all works great except during idle when I'm just browsing the web or clicking through folders I hear coilwhine tha...

My ThunderboltEX 4 wont detect my Thunderbolt device

Hello, just bought a brand new Soundboard (UAD Apollo x8) and trying to use it on my PC Windows 11 64 bit.This soundcard is only working with Thunderbolt connection (TB3) and my motherboard is a Tuf Gaming B550 Plus and has a Thunderbolt header on it...

cernes by Level 7
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