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Strix X570-E windows 11

Hello new here. Trying to update my PC to Windows 11 but every time I set the correct setting PC will go into a reboot cycle and won’t go past the bios screen. Any tips on what I’m doing wrong or is my motherboard just compatible?

ROG Crosshair x670e extreme RAID Issues Nvme

I recently moved from an MSI Godlike x670e board to the Crosshair x670e extreme due to reliability issues.  I'm using 4x nvme drives (2 on the board and 2 in the special DIMM add-on.Each pair is in a RAID 0.  For some reason, any 2 nvme drives that a...

Motherboard B650E-F Logo flickers in standby

Hello all,I have a problem with my motherboard Asus B650E-F.When windows is shut down, the "Republic of Gamers" Logo flickers. ideas how to solve this?Thanks!

pbogocz by Level 7
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Z690 hero sound issues realtek

I have a strange issue with the onboard sound of my Rog z690 Hero Mainboard. The front channel out (lime green jack on I/O panel) does not work. There is actual no sound-output on that channel. If I set the mono-switch in Windows 11 to on, the front ...

casparit by Level 9
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B650E-E - "E1", "E2", and "3" USB ports non-functional

I'm migrating an existing thread I made here since I've had no luck with that thread and this is a much better location overall, but there are a couple of folks with a similar problem that I had there who had a common cause that does not apply in my ...


Hi, I would require some help.I have the following config:i9 13900k4x32gb G.SKILL Trident Z5 6000mhz ramROG z790-EROG 4090So I had 2x32gb of given ram and XMP work ed fine. Now with 4 of that same ram with any XMP profiles (XMPI or XMPII). I get BSOD...

ASUS ROG Strix B450-F Gaming Motherboard Issues

Hello, I'm having issues with my motherboard, and here's my incident in detail:I was using my computer as usual, went out to do some errands, and when I returned, my Windows was completely frozen. I performed a hard reset, but it didn't boot up again...

Resolved! Windows 11 drivers for Z370-F

Where i can get drivers for ROG STRIX Z370-F GAMING motherboard on Windows 11 because on the website there are only Windows 7/8.1/10 drivers and no Windows 11. On Asus Windows 11 Support site my motherboard is listed as To be Updated. Windows 11 supp...

NIPro by Level 8
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