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Resolved! RTL'S ddr TRAINING

If anyone could help figure out these RTL values as they seem mismatched? Do these RTL values look correct to you? Shouldn’t they match for example 69/69 & 71/71 Is there a way to lock these in within the bios and set them correctly?Currently MRC fas...

Guzzi5 by Level 7
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Armoury Crate Causing Caneter Channel to vanish

I just built a new PC over the weekend using the Strix Z790-E Gaming WiFi II motherboard. During the install it added the Bongiovi MB App. This shows up as Routing App in the ...CurrentVersion\Run key of the registry.I have USB audio turned off in th...

Crash55 by Level 8
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ProArt Z790 Wifi Creator, Thunderbolt Not Working?

Hi,I just got my Windows 10 system set up with the ProArt Z790. I pulled the C drive from my previous Asus motherboard based system on which Thunderbolt was working. I updated the BIOS, and downloaded and installed drivers for this motherboard.On thi...

lahatte by Level 8
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Hy can you help me !!ROG STRIX B550-F GAMING in bios ihave not Graphics card settings, how can I set my AMD card to PCI-Express 4 x 16? the bios version is the latest!!

djocb by Level 7
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q-code 16 afther soft reboots

I just build new pc with asus rog strix gaming e wifi II motherboard and intel i7-14700k processor and a asus nvidea tuf gaming 4070 and was able to instal windows 11 i flashed the bios and and i can get in my windows if i turn of psu but with soft r...

ROG STRIX Z790-I ITX Broken M.2 slot

Hi there. Like a pure idiot while rebuilding my pc I have managed to bend the pins on m.2 daughter board that comes with the Z790-I motherboard. Does anyone know if its possible to get a replacement for this?  



im not good with engling ill trying I just wanna know why the supremfx so different btw z97-pro gamer and asus rog b450 f gamingim a rainbow six siege pro player and i just upgrade my pc to ryzen  with asus rog b450 f gaming and back then i use z97-p...

SirOMER by Level 7
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