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z690-I GPU only run at 4.0X8 after BIOS update?

I have 4090 on ROG Z690-I with two nemv (one 3.0 and one 4.0) drive recently I found my GPU run at 4.0x8  but before it was x16, at that time  ,I share this to my friend who buy  Z790-I, we discuss why his z790 can only run X8 on GPU, but my Z690 can...

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Only 1 bios works with my B450-f config

I skipped bios updates since 2020, the 2019 2704 version was the only bios that worked for me, becouse every new bios that came out coused random hard resets (crash or even boot looping after crash). I tried to configure the newer bioses like offsett...

B660-I Strix NVME does not run at PCI-E 4.0 x4

My rig : 12100F B660-I Strix Samsung 980 Pro 1TB + SKHynix PC801 2TBand that doen't run at PCI-E 4.0.only run in 4.0 X2  at crystal disk info report that both Nvme device only run at 4.0 how can i run at 4.0 x4 ? 

Rog Strix B550-F Gaming PCIe Gen4 x4 Stuck in Gen4 x1

Hello!I bought a new NVMe Gen4 x4 for my motherboard which can reach 7000MB/s but when I installed it in M.2_1 slot it is not reaching its full speed.I searched the internet but I didn't find anything that explains me how to activate/configure it.Abo...

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x670e Mobo - Rog Fan controller not working / Replacement?

Hi, i have a x670e Asus mobo and the zen 4 platform, especially with all the issues has left me underwhelmed. I noticed the last weeks that the argbs and fans were not working correctly and while i had an update for the rog fan controller it couldn't...

Resolved! ME UPDATE TOOL not working

When I try and run the me update tool it just gets stuck. I've been looking for a while to try and find a solution but I cant find anything. Is there another way to update your ME

POST Errors But Boots After Enough Resets

Hello,I have a PC built from a ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Formula motherboard with a AMD Ryzen 3950X. I've been having very random issues with it failing to boot that sometimes occur for days or weeks, and sometimes won't occur for days. When booting, e...

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