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Resolved! Code 4F - No more boot

Hello,I'm writing here because I'm at a loss for what to do; my PC refuses to boot into Windows. There's a 4F code on the QCODE, and the CPU LED stays solid red (no beeps).Here's what I've tried so far:Removing and re-seating the CPUPlacing a single ...

Maximus z790 dark hero WiFi antenna replacement

Hello. I bought a Dark Hero and lost my WiFi antenna cuz I’m an idiot. It hasn’t been an issue for me until recently because I need it for my Bluetooth devices. I cannot find Q-Antenna replacements anywhere so I was hoping someone can help me out wit...

LogoFail BIOS update for ROG STRIX B550-I GAMING

Latest update I see is: V3402 - Nov 6, 2023Have done some searching, but most questions like this seem to get diverted to private messages, so I'm unsure if this is being resolved some other way.Would like to update to reduce the risk.  

X570-E constant Watchdog Violation error

Received this error pretty often lately and now my PC is at the point of crashing at the Windows login screen. After digging into what causes this error, I have tried reinstalling Windows via repair with Updates (before the issue would have it stoppe...

Resolved! Front panel usb-c provides power, not detecting devices.

As the title mentions, my tuf gaming x670e-pkys wifi motherboard usb-c 3.2 header provides power to front panel port, but isn't detecting devices. Could this be a BIOS issue, or case issue? Looked in BIOS to make sure all ports are enabled, which the...

Asus z790 code 53

Ich habe gestern das xmp Profil 1 und 2 getestet, danach wird mir von zwei ddr5 ram nur noch einer angezeigt und habe beide ram einzeln getestet und jetzt funktioniert nur noch einer. Bei dem der nicht mehr angezeigt wird habe ich jetzt einen black S...

pcie lines problem/advice

Hi everyone. Any help with setting up the GPU to run @ x16.    ROG strix z790 -E wifi ii i7 14700k 4070 super 32 GB ddr5 corsair m2 2.1 - not occupied hence no sharing m2 2.2 - Samsung 990 . bios setup to PEG,  x16. freshly installed win 11 pro After...

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Resolved! Asus z690 F Gaming wifi RAM problem after cleaning

Hello, My PC won't turn on after cleaning it with air. It stay's at DRAM Led so i checked if one of the two sticks might be the problem but it turned out that the fourth ram slot isn't working. Now i have to put it in slot 1 and 3 instead of recommen...

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