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980 pro m2 not bootable z790 Maximus Hero

NVME samsung 980 pro 2tb is recognised in bios however unable to put windows on it via usb because no drive is selectable as boot device, which settings in bios are the correct one?Thanks!

i5-13500 high temps with normal usage

Hi,I recently upgraded from 4th gen intel to i5-13500 with ROG STRIX B760-A GAMING WIFI D4 motherboard (bios version 1005). Pc case is corsair 750d. I'm having issues with the cpu temperature suddenly increasing from around 40c (on idle) to 60c when ...

MT97 by Level 7
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Asus rog strix z690-I frequency issues after first boot

Hello,I think i originally posted this in the wrong forum section so i am re-posting here.Every time I boot up my computer and put the cpu under load, the cores are different frequencies.  Even if i have all cores synced, between 2 to 4 of my pcores ...

Resolved! STRIX Z790-F broke the wifi antenna

Hello,I just broke my WiFi antenna from my Strix Z790-F Gaming ... Just as I planned on using it (never used it before).Any idea where I can find a replacement ? Should I try to open a support ticket?I have no clue on the compatibility with other ant...

SleepR by Level 7
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Rog strix x670e-e activating expo BSOD after cold boot

Loosing my mind, my money and my time. i've changed 3 brands of RAM, gskill tridentz neo, corsair vengeance, corsair dominator, all 6000 some cl32 some cl36 , expo certified. i've tried bios 1303, 1401 beta, 1410 beta. Every time i enable expo, it wo...

Krukbee by Level 8
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Resolved! Asus Strix Z790 Gaming E Latency Problem

Good evening I have a problem with my Asus Strix Z790 Gaming E. It has latency problems that are expressed in still images and hangers of up to 10 seconds, and the sound is also jerky. I ran Latencymon and there is a problem with the RTx 4090 graphic...


1616 - 7800

The 7800X3D gets hot in sleep mode, B6500E-E. I seen 55°c... ... but counting time (15/20 sec) to start HWinfo let temp lower since Windows woke-up.

Klemc by Level 9
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