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B650E-F Ram issues

Level 8

Hello. So I recently built a PC with a ROG STRIX B650E-F GAMING WIFI

However. It totally refuses to boot with 4 ram sticks, the ram LED is on. and nothing is happening. I checked with the memory support before getting the board, and as I understand it. it SHOULD work.

It was working fine on another board, but this one just wont. So I tried removing 2 of the modules and the ram indicator was still on, however. It decided to boot anyways kinda quick. and now Its booting without the light(atleast I think so)

So I tried mounting the other 2 sticks again, nope.

So the memory is -

G.Skill Trident Z5 Neo

And I updated the bios, but still nothing.


Any ideas? or perhaps give up.



Hi @KonEllin:

Did you ever get any resolution on this? I currently almost have an identical setup and I can't get 4 RAM slots to work either.

Level 7

As I mentioned I can have 4 rams running but not at 6000 only 3600

they dont seem to get it working...