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B650E-F Ram issues

Level 8

Hello. So I recently built a PC with a ROG STRIX B650E-F GAMING WIFI

However. It totally refuses to boot with 4 ram sticks, the ram LED is on. and nothing is happening. I checked with the memory support before getting the board, and as I understand it. it SHOULD work.

It was working fine on another board, but this one just wont. So I tried removing 2 of the modules and the ram indicator was still on, however. It decided to boot anyways kinda quick. and now Its booting without the light(atleast I think so)

So I tried mounting the other 2 sticks again, nope.

So the memory is -

G.Skill Trident Z5 Neo

And I updated the bios, but still nothing.


Any ideas? or perhaps give up.



Level 8

Update: I turned EXPO on, and it wouldnt boot even with 2 sticks. So after resetting the cmos I tried to turn it on

again but this time I lowered the ram speed to 5800. and now its booting anyways.

But that doesnt explain why 4 sticks wouldnt work on stock settings.

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @Tazarang 

Regarding the memory installed on the motherboard, please attention to the official motherboard website under "Support," specifically within "CPU/Memory Support" and "Memory/Device Support." 
There, you will find instructions under "Check purchasing and installation guide," which state:

Ensure that all memory modules are from the same validated memory kit. Do not mix DIMMs from different memory kits—even if they are the same brand and model (e.g., two DIMMs each from two different memory kits). 
Mixing and matching DIMMs can result in a failure to boot and compatibility issues.

Meanwhile, we recommend that you try installing it in the recommended slot according to the ROG STRIX B650E-F GAMING WIFI user manual and, after clearing CMOS, booting with the default BIOS settings to ensure stable operation.

Thank you.

Level 7

Hi I got the same exact setup. 4 sticks each 32 gigs wont boot only with 3200 mhz stock....So in total 128 Gigs running on 3200 mhz each not able to get the full power out of them....2 Sticks in slot B and D are working with Expo and running 6000 Mhz, and before you ask I changed and used the other rams also and combined them - only working with 2 slots packed.
It is totally a board software problem and you guys should start to code that bug or issue to hell...Its getting ridiculous. I am a longstanting ASUS Rog guy and I really am just disappointed that there is no one trying to fix an issue that not only a few guys have but a majority...And I am not talking about training the ram  and booting times....I am talking about shear unqualified teams working on a bios....


Customer Service Agent

Hello, @KonEllin 

Recommendations for memory slots and QVL can vary among different motherboards. Therefore, we suggest referring to the relevant information I provided earlier and checking the official website of the motherboard you are using.
Additionally, we recommend verifying if there is a need for a BIOS update.
If the problem persists, please provide your current hardware specifications, including the motherboard model, BIOS version, DRAM part number, brand and model of the CPU, GPU, and PSU.

Thank you.

Just built the 7900X bundle from a well-known computer retailer:
AMD Ryzen 7900X
Asus Rog Strix B650E-F
G.Skill Flare DDR5 2x32GB
SK Hynix Platinum 2TB NVME
Be Quiet! 1200W Platinum
Thermalright Peerless Assassin

Currently very unstable on boot. Was able to post for a day and install Win 10 plus updates and all drivers from Armoury Crate
Shut down the machine for the night. And now will not POST. Been running for 45 minutes and counting.

I have newest BIOS on USB to flash... but can't get until it POSTS!!

Can you confirm that latest BIOS Version 1807 from 2023/10/11 will resolve issues? Or make them worse?
If and when I do get to the BIOS and update, are there any settings that might help?

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @q-the-boot 

May I inquire about your current BIOS version?
After clearing CMOS, were you able to successfully POST and enter the BIOS by pressing [Delete] or [F2]?
Regarding BIOS updates, you have the option to use BIOS FlashBack, a method that doesn't require booting or going through the post process.
For detailed steps and instructions, please refer to [Motherboard] How to use USB BIOS FlashBack™?  or page 2-19 of the ROG STRIX B650E-F GAMING WIFI user manual.

Thank you.

Same here. I can boot on 4 sticks but only at 3600 not 6000.

G.skill F5-6000j3040g32g 


I let the system work itself out after 5 minutes and reseating the RAM. The system booted using all 4 slots but at a speed of 4800 not 6000. 

G.Skill Trident Z5 Neo

Level 7

Typo the slot I use is B and D or 2 and 4