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B550-I Crashing with Nvidia 4000 series GPUs

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I'm reposting this here from the ROG forum community post for better visibility

(Re: ASUS B550-I STRIX BIOS "2806" UPDATE to fix 4... - Republic of Gamers Forum - 898464)

Could someone please get back to the growing list of users with the issue described in the above thread?

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I thought the warranty was 3 years?

Shame that this is such a small community and likely won't hit mainstream media. Asus really dropped the ball here and I will forever remind everyone who is on the fence on where to buy their future products from. Unbelievable.

The support specified I need to go threw my e-commerce website, not them directly, and they have a 2 years warranty.

Looks like a bad role play, there are multiple  feedback of people sending their motherboard and getting the exact same issue with the « repaired » motherboard.


Level 9

ASUS have reached out to me over private message and as my motherboard is still in warranty, they are recommending a replacement.

I have turned this down as I know from reading other user's reports that a new MB will not fix the issue.

Just to keep you all in the loop! 🙂

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It'll almost be an entire year of this issue. Unbelievable.

Level 9

What do you think we can reasonably expect now? I figure I'm better off asking everyone in here rather than ASUS!

I'd take a full refund at this point, though I'd rather they just release the fix (if it's even possible).

We don't even know if a fix is possible due to conflicting stories from various people who've been in touch with ASUS support!

At this point it seems clear nothing is going to happen.

I'd just go through the RMA process and continue to show poor results and consistent problems.

Best case scenario is a full refund. I've also read somewhere that they would offer a different motherboard.

Yeah, same, ask a refund if possible.

On Reddit I got the information from somebody working at ASUS that the bios team is having a look but no clue they will fix it, no clue it is fixable via a bios update, no ETA. Looks surprising since other b550-i vendors fixed RTX 4000 compatibility with a bios update, but the problem has been reported for at least 9 months now, so I have little hope.

For the rest, interaction with Asus support seems to be a « let’s pretend the issue is specific to your motherboard » role play without any acknowledgment this is a global issue. My guess is that’s on purpose to avoid damaging too much the brand with a premium ITX motherboard that has a serious unfixable flaw. Or avoid to reimburse people since they don’t have another AM4 ITX model for sale.



Customer Service Agent

Hello, @Darknyss 

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
Please check the top right corner of the screen and kindly share the details requested in the PM inbox.

Thank you.

sharing complete hardware info & software config details will help us better understand the issue 🙂

Replied for whatever it's worth.

At least we got some confirmation that they are trying to look into the problem.

Nevertheless, I seriously doubt it will be fixed soon unless we manage to get the attention of tech influencers like GamersNexus. Without a PR backlash, these things take an awful long time to get acknowledged due to the fact that support staff has very little agency in large corporations.