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B550-I Crashing with Nvidia 4000 series GPUs

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I'm reposting this here from the ROG forum community post for better visibility

(Re: ASUS B550-I STRIX BIOS "2806" UPDATE to fix 4... - Republic of Gamers Forum - 898464)

Could someone please get back to the growing list of users with the issue described in the above thread?

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Experiencing this myself (located in the US). Used to have a 3090 which worked great, but now running a 4090 and experiencing these same random crashes. After much searching and reading through Reddit threads, I made my way here. Glad to hear new motherboards through RMA are fixing the issue. @Jiaszzz_ROG can I also get assistance with the RMA process? Thanks!

Level 7

Sadly I'm experiencing the same issue: after upgrading to a 4070Ti the PC just randomly black screens. Setting maximum performance mode in the Nvidia control panel does mitigate the issue, however the system can still black screen before Windows even fully starts up.

@Jiaszzz_ROG  I'm located in Germany, is it still possbile to request an RMA?

I hope you dont have to wait 9-10 weeks like me, this is the reason i havent done the RMA till now (also germany)

Mate 8-9 weeks seems like a reasonable solution, considering I can't even start the repair or replacement of my B550-i with german Asus support. And I still even have warranty for like another 6-7 months or so. Everyone forwards me somewhere else and tells me to do this and that- which I did follow everything, but then the repair department tells me that because the MB was purchased less than 24 months ago, I should start an RMA through the seller, which in this case is Amazon. However Amazon support can only do a refund, because this MB isn't sold anymore, otherwise they would've replaced it. (although it would've probably still been the old faulty model) Amazon doesnt initate RMA processes, they either refund or replace. A refund doesn't help me, because I need this specific motherboard, but a working one without the issue with Nvidia 4xxx Cards.

I would take 9-10 week waiting time over the odyssey I had with the german Asus support thus far.

You are right, thats even worse

But not be able to use your PC for 2 months isn't fine as well, there shouls be just better support from a 'premium' company

Maybe i try it again and they have some in stock now

Level 8

I've received my replacement from Asus, I have yet to test it. It took about 10 days for them to replace it. I am from Denmark so it was handled via Asus Nordic and the board seems like it was replaced in Prague.

Be careful though, I lost all of my motherboard accessories since I put them in the box with the motherboard. The new box they sent me only had the IO shield. So I lost a bunch of Sata cables, the manual, some other cables and most crucially: the m.2 standoff for the back of the motherboard, which is why I have not tested it yet.

A rookie mistake. 🙂 Always, ALWAYS when dealing with an RMA, no matter the company, just send the part in question needing the repair. You always lose the accessories if you send them, they don't care about them and they certainly won't store & repack them for you. They go to the trash. 

Just happened to my friend, sent a MOBO for RMA in original package with all accessories, most unopened and unused. Got back just the board in a standard cardboard box. 😕

If you're looking for a replacement standoff, I've purchased these ones and they worked (the small standoffs for the rear M.2 on Asus B550-i are included):

Search on Amazon for: B087C1G4ZF and select the Asus version. But kinda bummer that you need to spend extra money to get your board fully working.

Level 8

Thank you for the link, we don't have amazon in Denmark, but I found these instead:

Hopfully it has what I need. Yea in retrospect I should have just send the board and nothing else but I think it puts my experience in a bad light regardless. I've written and asked about my stuff and I actually re-read the instructions to make sure I hadn't missed them explicitly saying I should only send the board and nothing else.

Could not find anything unfortunately..

Yeah the correct adapter and screw is included there in your link.

Not suprised they didnt make an extra Amazon store just for Denmark with ca. 6 million people, but afaik Amazon Germany ships to Denmark as well. Probably worth checking it out occasionally, esp. during Cybersales / BF and whatnot. But you guys have Proshop, which is a solid alternative. I've ordered stuff there too in the past.