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B550-I Crashing with Nvidia 4000 series GPUs

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I'm reposting this here from the ROG forum community post for better visibility

(Re: ASUS B550-I STRIX BIOS "2806" UPDATE to fix 4... - Republic of Gamers Forum - 898464)

Could someone please get back to the growing list of users with the issue described in the above thread?

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Customer Service Agent

Hello, @Papana 

Thank you for reaching out to us and for the proactive PM.
I have updated our PM conversation, please check and confirm at your convenience. 

Thank you.

sharing complete hardware info & software config details will help us better understand the issue 🙂

Level 8

Very disappointed to read that @Jiaszzz_ROG  apparently cannot help me due to GDPR constraints even tho I already sent them my full adress.

By coincidence or not, my motherboard's warranty is running out in 2 days.

Overall the way this is being handled is just abysmal, this thread is just a matter of damage control, has anyone actually gotten their motherboards replaced without any hassle?

@reinaertdevos wrote:

has anyone actually gotten their motherboards replaced without any hassle?

I dont think so

Level 8

Nope, @Jiaszzz_ROG refused to help as apparently the following issue is different from what everyone else is experiencing in this thread and rather than acknowledge this widespread issue would rather deny it that it exists 🙄, say that the motherboard needs to go in for further testing and then refuse to test the motherboard saying that it needs to go back to the retailer who sold it, which is not possible for me due to moving country. 

"Multiple times per day, if I do not have power management mode set to 'prefer maximum performance' in the Nvidia control panel, my computer will freeze up, screen will often go black, audio will continue playing, forcing me to hard reset the computer. It only occurs with a 4000 series card and works perfectly with my old 1080TI. " 

I find myself in a similar situation, confirming that both of my motherboards exhibit the same symptoms as yours. In my case, I was advised to return them to the retailer for testing, which they mentioned could take weeks. However, they no longer sell any ITX, AM4, or AM5 motherboards. Since these are crucial for my work, I have to begin by replacing the parts slowly. Additionally, living in South America, these parts are very expensive here.


Customer Service Agent

Hello @reinaertdevos and all,

As mentioned, due to the constraints imposed by European GDPR regulations, we might not be able to initiate direct contact. 
Therefore, reaching out to the dealer directly would be the recommended and most expeditious course of action.

Thank you.

sharing complete hardware info & software config details will help us better understand the issue 🙂

Level 8

My board was outside warranty. I was provided a replacement X570-I after going back and forth a lot. I wanted either a fixed 550 or an upgrade to 650E. Finally, I wanted this to be over and I opted for X570-I.

AFAIK they are only providing replacements or any solutions to US and maybe one or two other countries. In the US, they will at least try to work with you even if its outside warranty (probably because they know its a class action lawsuit waiting to happen). If you are not from these countries, you are all by yourself. They will make the excuse of warranty, or contact the retailer or your issue is not the same, etc. 

  • Testing is not an option, it will take weeks, that is if your retailer does it. And even after testing, whatever the result maybe, the process after that is ambiguous.
  • Returning it to Asus service center is will also take weeks, plus you will have to pay for the shipping and all. They probably wont be able to fix it because its a problem on hardware level. So you will just end up losing time.   
  • If they provide a replacement it will be a lesser model and that is, if you are lucky.

They don't care if its your work machine or your game machine. They don't care that 4000 series GPUs have been here for a year and their customers have been losing time, money and energy for over a year now. 

Better solution is, sell the B550-i mobo or sell the 4000 series GPU, then buy a new mobo or GPU and NEVER GET AN ASUS MOBO AGAIN. Never recommend it to family or friends again. A company with bad policy and ethics is always a disaster waiting to happen. Not worth it.

Level 8

What worked for me is to request and push for Asus Advanced RMA where you receive new (refurbished) motherboard replacement first and afterwards you send the faulty B550-I mobo.

Do not contact the dealer. It is a waste of time. Contact regional Asus service center instead. 


Level 8


That sounds formal and correct and all, but the reality I am facing is the reseller will not help because the warranty has now expired.

I have essentially been f'ed in the a by Asus because I have decided to upgrade my GPU and your company is making me jump through hoops and asking several questions instead of aknowledging there is an issue with your motherboards. The amount of evidence is overwhelming yet you still will not take accountability and expect retailers to take the blow.

But congratulations, I will buy a different brand motherboard and will NEVER buy an Asus product again.

I have never in my life encountered such a sad customer service even though I have always used your products ever since I started building pc's 10+ years ago.

I know my message sounds angry that is because I am.

Level 8

I am sharing my story after 2-3 months of being within return , fix process. As of now,  I have literally wasted at this point  2 months after sending  my motherboard to the dealer as recommended by mods here   but my dealer literally denied there is anything wrong with my motherboard, they have said they can’t trust me  as it looks fine on their end and they can’t believe ROG thread either!. I was told if there was an official ASUS disclaimer , notice about recall of this motherboard then they wouldn’t hesitate to help but at this point forum threads according the them look not legitimate as it’s same exact  people complaining over and over and possibility of crashes being fault of consumer exists  thus they can’t believe third party sources where anyone can write anything. Yeah crazy! Sources like Reddit were denied and not read outright! It’s bizarre how we are told to send units to the dealer when it’s very likely that the dealer will 100% refuse RMA due to manufacturer never admitting of the issue, never providing information to suppliers nor dealers, vendors  and motherboard issue being legitimate  may take a long time to find due to how unique it is thus resulting in dealer refusing to help ! What I am trying to say it’s an endless cycle and I was led to believe someone is going to help me but in the end I was naive and everything turned into 2-3 months of endless exchanges of essays/ texts which corroded my brain and mentality , it was hard being challenged by everyone to prove that the unit isn’t good even when the proofs lied there! I had to use my own money to send motherboard back and forth and haven’t used my computer since September due to the issue! At this point I am not even sure what to do! I have no idea why motherboard couldn’t be handled by ASUs itself and why issue wasn’t recognised publicly … that’s just an absurd! I don’t want anyone to have as bad experience as I did! I have messaged ASUs directly now and if they refuse then I’m over !  Just can’t handle it anymore