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B550-I Crashing with Nvidia 4000 series GPUs

Level 9

I'm reposting this here from the ROG forum community post for better visibility

(Re: ASUS B550-I STRIX BIOS "2806" UPDATE to fix 4... - Republic of Gamers Forum - 898464)

Could someone please get back to the growing list of users with the issue described in the above thread?

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Level 8

I have received a reply from international ASU’s support today and they’re not even hesitant  to pin problem on me! They’ve just told me it’s my fault and motherboard doesn’t have RTX4000 series within compatibility list! Oh my, honestly!

I have as well received a message from my vendor and replied to them. Will see where it goes honestly but I am not feeling positive… 😞 Hopefully something positive happens and they agree to address this problem 

Level 7

I’m on a b550i/5800x3D with a 3080 and my hope to upgrade to a 4xxx series GPU is now going to come at a cost of either a motherboard downgrade (at the very least losing USB C headers, it sounds like) or buying a new board from someone else?

I’ll save Asus the trouble.  As a lifelong Asus customer if that’s the best they can offer I will take this as a lesson to never, ever, ever buy Asus again.

It’ll make buying new parts easier I can just strike Asus off the list and go from there. 

I’m sure Asus will be fine without me but if anyone comes across this - buyer beware. Asus is not who they used to be. 

Level 9

Agreed - what an absolutely bonkers, silly response from Asus this has been. 

I will never buy one of their products going forward - no Zenbook, no Ally, no motherboards, no graphics cards, none of it.

If they can't even make good on when they release a defective motherboard properly then what can you expect from their laptops or other parts/products?

Save yourself the hassle and avoid Asus - they release overpriced items and don't support them afterwards.

Gamers Nexus should cover this blatantly anti-consumer practice - maybe then they'd change their tune. 

Level 9

I have the B550i Strix + 5800X3D, same issue with RTX4070. Latest bios and all. Temporary solution is to disable all power saving modes and run the card at "maximum performance" all the time. I did not have the problem with my previous card, the Radeon RX6800. I don't really mind it for now because I'm using the computer 99% of the time either with Stable Diffusion or gaming, but surely it is annoying and disappointing.

Level 7

My issue ( seems very similar to the problems described here. Additionally, it also involves an x50-I chipset. In my case, I've been experiencing problems with a ROG Strix B650E-I motherboard and an RTX 4060. I've also encountered the 'strange' reboot issue (sudden black screen and the computer reboots) a few times, indeed when GPU was going back to 'idle'. I managed to 'resolve' the problems for now by setting PCIe x16 Lane speed to Gen 3 (Auto / Gen 5 / Gen 4 all exhibit the same issues as described above and in my topic). However, it's unfortunate that the RTX 4060 only has a PCIe x8 connection, so there will still be some (relatively minor) speed loss with PCIe v3.0 x8.

I'm still waiting for an official response from ASUS because, from what I've read, this appears to be an issue specific to ASUS motherboards. Can you confirm whether changing the PCIe x16 Link speed to Gen 3 in the BIOS 'resolves' or rather 'mitigates' the described problems, as it did in my case?

Tried this before posting here, did not work for me 😕

This sounds like a fault pcie port and not the same issue highlighted here. Check the same GPU in another computer and see if that still happens? 

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @H4si 

As the main topic of this thread pertains to the B550-I model, which does not correspond with your situation, we have promptly responded to your posted inquiry.
To avoid confusion or the spread of incorrect information, if you have any updates or further discussion on this matter, we kindly request that you do so within the context of that specific thread: Erratic behavior PCIe x16: ROG Strix B650E-I Mobo + Ryzen 9 7900 + RTX 4060

Thank you.

sharing complete hardware info & software config details will help us better understand the issue 🙂

Level 7

Same issue here.

B550i Strix after upgrade from 3080 to 4090 constant crashes. 
@Jiaszzz_ROG please send me a message for a replacement.

Level 7


I am also having same bad experience with my b550-i which I purchased in the beggining of the year. I was so lucky to catch last 2 pieces which appeared just like that. Well, I am not that happy now.

I would like to RMA the board at the shop where I bought it since I am not going to send it to another half of the world for 3 months to get anything as other users stated.

I would like to ask some Asus moderator @Jiaszzz_ROG  for message me with their statement that this mobo is faulty and should and must pass RMA process. I dont want another board. I just want my money back so I can buy Gigabyte which I was trying to avoid but since they are having no issues with RTX 40xx then why not ?

I am asking for fair attitude and collaboration with my RMA process here, since this debacle took so long and hurted and still hurting lots of loyal customers. Any feedback from Asus ia appreciated.

I am gonna fight with the seller for getting my money back. I dont want to have this board any time longer.