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B550-I Crashing with Nvidia 4000 series GPUs

Level 9

I'm reposting this here from the ROG forum community post for better visibility

(Re: ASUS B550-I STRIX BIOS "2806" UPDATE to fix 4... - Republic of Gamers Forum - 898464)

Could someone please get back to the growing list of users with the issue described in the above thread?

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Got mine back, seems to be working perfect. No need to change Power Managment Mode.

Level 7

What if I am out of warranty because I bought the board on realease? Am I getting punished for being an early adopter again?

Level 8

Having the same issue since getting a 4080 super, having to run high performance mode to stop the reboots.  Opened a ticket but am also out of warranty so not sure what will happen.  B550 itx mbs seem to still be expensive and in short supply and the used market is not much better in the uk.

Level 9

Asus Germany wanted to replace the board with a new one (90MB14L0-M0XCN1) and increased the warranty 1 year. But again, have no invoice, because i bought the board via ebay in used condiotion but without any problem until i got the RTX40xx.

Asus will replace my Mainboard, but it can take up to 10 weeks. Have to buy another board first, because i have to send in my current board first before i get the replacment.

This is the reason i havent dont this until now, wait 2+ months to use my PC again... thats bs

Level 7

I'm trying to buy a 4070 Super (on a deal, so limited time) but after reading all the problems on this mobo, I'm hesitant on pulling the trigger. Not to mention that my warranty expired last month, despite the fact that this issue has been reported to Asus for WELL over a year ago now. 

However, now that they're finally "fixing it" (supposedly hardware issue but I dunno, it's above my pay grade and wiil admit it's certainly possible it can't be fixed via BIOS update), it's incredibly difficult to both trust and give Asus the benefit of the doubt, esp considering they've pummeled their previously well-earned reputation into the ground, so much so that the way people speak of them and their brand isn't far off from Gigabyte (literally read multiple reviews/commentary hours ago on best AM5 iTX boards and everybody is recommending the ASRock motherboard as the consensus/default AM5 choice across the board even tho and when the ASUS one is supposedly good but ofc unjustifiably overpriced). Even if it does potentially get fixed, I don't know if I can go that long w/o a motherboard and the fact that customers are expected to send their motherboard in FIRST, when it's an ASUS problem, is absolutely absurd. If their response is 'we're not replacing motherboards but have to physically fix yours', that's not our problem. Sell them refurbished or something. I don't see what that has to do with us, and is just ASUS being cheap AF. The motherboard is the brain (and the glue) of the computer.

My point is, if they're worried about people stealing mobos (even after verifying serial # and warranty, which means a minimal chance of risk in the 1st place), they should just place a hold on a credit card, however, I don't even know if I'm willing to trust them with that! Like, the fact that they refuse to acknowledge this problem but are forced to address it (class action, gov intervention, Gamer's Nexus video, etc) seems like they're just trying to get it over with ASAP, have no intent on taking accountability or responsibility of the problem that they've caused, attempted to ignore, and then ultimately exacerbated in the first place. This whole thing blows hard and they keep making/doing/repeating the same mistakes again, over and over and over. A whole month w/o a PC? Let's see them try to operate at their job w/o a PC...

Level 7

Unbelievable, I have 52 emails with Asus. I sent the unit back for replacement with a different unit that would work with my 4070, they sent the wrong thing back to me, and then I sent that back and they sent another, I sent it back and they told me I WOULD GET A REFUND, and after sending it back they're not giving me a refund. Everybody as Asus can go to hell. I've spent so many hours on the phone with this. The customer service is totally incompetent and I think they're just trolling at this point. I had to rebuild my computer 5 times. Go to hell Asus. I've been trying to get this fixed since NOVEMBER.

Level 8

@Jiaszzz_ROG  I sent you a PM can you please look into this? Thanks!

Level 9

My board is now at the ASUS service and i'm waiting for the replacement. At the moment i'm using a B550-F Gaming Wifi II with standard Nvidia Power settings and it works without problem.