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B550 Gaming-A XMP Issues

Level 7

How accurate is the memory QVL list for these motherboards? I have purchased a kit of 16GB G.Skill Trident Z ram. I purchased the ram and assumed it would go well as it is on the QVL. The ram is working fine at stock (2133mhz) but as soon as XMP is enabled, the system crashes, restarts and is generally unstable. I have the exact same ram kit in my non Asus motherboard and while working fine there, is also not working in the 2 B550-A Gaming boards that I have access to. Both B550-A bioses are up to date and CPUs are 5600, and 5800x. Is the QVL wrong?


Level 7

Oh I guess I should also note the ram that I bought too!

G.Skill F4-3600C18D-16GTZN

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @lvmarv .

According to the information you provided, the memory model you mentioned does not appear to be listed in the QVL list for the ROG STRIX B550-A GAMING with the Ryzen 5000-Serise CPU/G.SKILL/16GB category.


May I inquire if you have conducted cross-testing with other memory models listed in the QVL?
Additionally, We would recommend installing the memory in the DIMM_B2 slot as suggested in the user manual.

Thank you.

Can you confirm with me that someone has changed this QVL? I bought this ram SPECIFICALLY because it was on the QVL. I checked several times, and would not have purchased it otherwise. There were far more options showing from G.Skill than the 3 kits that you have showed; there was probably at least 10 G.Skill kits showing. I even took the ram back to the shop where I purchased to ask, and they also checked the QVL and said yes it's there, it should work ok. Great if it has been changed to be more accurate and great if no one else has the same issue as me, but this is 100% not the same as what it was!!

Jiaszzz_ROG please can you look at website again for this motherboard. I just noticed what you did. In your dropdowns you selected 16GB. When I did it I clicked 2x 8GB. Thoughts?

I can confirm it is present on the QVL, I think they were just confused as I was for a moment. The 16gb list is for single module validation.

Have you tried both DOCP1 and DOCP 2?

DOCP I - Board optimised timings

DOCP II - Default DIMM timings

Often, DOCP II subtimings will be slightly looser depending on the memory kit which may help with stability.


13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090

Level 9

My brother do have this board and memory but runs a 5800X3D.

DOCP I at 3600

Maybe increasing vSoC a little tad, to like 1.1v or 1.2v to see if it helps. Increasing CAS (on my last Corsair I had to do it even if it was on QVL)
You can also reduce to 3200 for troubleshooting purposes.

Check if the memory is correctly installed



I understand that this video may be more focused on DDR5 but you can take some ideas of how to troubleshoot. 

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @lvmarv 

I apologize for selecting the incorrect memory capacity, which mistakenly chose 16 GB instead of the recommended 2 x 8 GB. The memory part number you provided is indeed listed in the QVL list.
Could you please confirm whether the memory is installed in the recommended slots as specified in the user manual?
Additionally, could you address the related settings mentioned by others?
If possible, could you provide the complete configuration in the current BIOS settings?
Or you can just confirm the memory installed in the suggested DIMM slot and reset the BIOS to its default settings before enabling only the DOCP.

Thank you.