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B450-f Corsair vengeance LPX ryzen 7 5800x

Level 7

I just got back from bestbuy with my new parts and tried swap them out with my old

Hyper fury ram - Corsair vengeance LPX (2x16) ddr4’s 

Ryzen 5 2600 to Ryzen 7 5800x

gtx 1660 to rtx 3050 XS 8gb GDDR6

So my motherboard lights up and the fans split, but my ram has a yellow light next to it and my monitor is a black screen and keeps switching sources. I have tried using one stick, doing A1b1 and A2B2 just when they have a gap in between them and I can’t get anything to run. Is this an issue with the bios?

I was reading some other articles and they suggested updating my bios before being able to run a ryzen 7 5000 series on it but it’s a light next to the ram so I don’t know why that would show there. If anyone could give any tips I would greatly appreciate 


Customer Service Agent

Hello, @T6jake 

Could you please clarify if this issue occurred after the PC was first built or after using it for some time and occurred following any recent changes, such as a BIOS update or component replacement?
We recommend referring to the ROG STRIX B450-F GAMINGuser manual to ensure all hardware and power cables are correctly connected, including installing the memory in the recommended slots.
When a boot issue occurs, please refer to the Q-LED indicator lights to troubleshoot the problem.
Based on your description, if a single RAM module installed in the DIMM_A2 slot still does not resolve the boot issue, besides checking that all other hardware is correctly installed, kindly verify that the RAM is listed in the ROG STRIX B450-F GAMING's QVL.
If possible, try cross-testing with memory that is listed in the QVL.
For related FAQs, please refer to:
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How to clear CMOS?

Thank you.

sharing complete hardware info & software config details will help us better understand the issue 🙂

Yes I was looking at my motherboard manual book while I was installing my new hardware, I think I’ve fried my motherboard because even the PSU’s fan didn’t spin. I just got back from bestbuy with a b650 because the employee there told me it would be compatible with everything I already had. I will be returning it because my cpu is am4 and my ram is ddr4 and not am5 and ddr5. I’m currently now looking for a b550 because it’s ddr4 and am4 and also a new CPU because I want it to be compatible with no issues.