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ASUS Z790 Formula Maximus + Samsung 990 Pro 4TB + Corsair Titanium 6600

Level 7

I just built an incredible system and am having some issues - turning to the geniuses here for some guidance / recommendations?

  1. When i try to initialize the SSD Samsung 900 Pro 4 TB - disk manager sees it as the Samsung 980 with only 2 TB available.
    1. I tried updating firmware with Samsung Magician and it updated - but even Magician reads the SSD as a 980 with 2 TB, when the box and NVME SSD both say 990 Pro
    2. Samsung says the wrong product was put in the box - but that just doesn't seem likely, right?
  2. I also am having a compatibility problem with my Corsair 6600 Titanium Dominator and Z790 Formula Maximus
    1. Installed RAM - and Z790 Intel only sees the RAM at 4800 MHZ
    2. If I enable XMP, the MB doesn't load
    3. Had to revert back and turn off XMP and 4800 is all I get
    4. Should I return it? Or just live with the 4800 maximum speed (and how a future BIOS update fixes the problem)?

  3. Then ... called Samsung about NVME - 990 Pro 4TB
    1. Wasted nearly 2 hours with them
    2. Only help I got was 4 people, disconnected 3X, and 1X forwarded to a department that is closed.
    3. Zero useful help - agents kept saying 990 Pro 4TB was a laptop.
  4. Also called ASUS about RAM
    1. They said I should return the Corsair  CMP96GX5M2B6600C32W 198GB RAM and replace it with the Corsair CMH192GX5M4B5200C38 198GB RAM
    2. Question - I know there is difference between 5200, 4800, and the RAM I bought 6600 - but how much is the impact if I just keep this RAM and operate at 4800 - hoping for a future BIOS update?
    3. Will it operate in a stable condition if I keep it? Or is that just a headache coming around the corner.

Build is 1 week old and i have time to return parts - but am hoping someone might be able to provide some insight to help navigate through this.

Thanks in advance!




Customer Service Agent

Hello, @RIKSTA 

Regarding issues 1 and 3, as Samsung Magician also recognizes abnormalities, we recommend verifying the product specifications with the original purchase location.

Regarding issues 2 and 4, if you are currently using CMP96GX5M2B6600C32W memory, it is not listed in the motherboard's QVL for any CPU specifications.

To ensure compatibility and stability, we recommend following the instructions in [Motherboard] How to query (CPU/memory) QVL List? Additionally, check the "purchasing and installation guide" under the "Memory" section on the official website of the ROG MAXIMUS Z790 FORMULA support page.

Thank you.