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Asus Z690-g Gaming Wifi Nvidia 4090 fail to boot on Pci 16x Boot on 4x

Level 8


Have purchase a new Rog Strix  Z690-g Gaming Wifi to update to DDR5


Samsung 980 2To

Got an Msi 4090 Graphic card and won't boot on Pci-e 16x , White Led solid

Boot on other Pci-e 4x it works

No idea what is the problem

Latest Bios onboard (3101)


Thanks for your help




Level 9

To understand the meaning of the LEDs take a look here

Perhaps you can get an idea of why your card works on x4 but not x16 by reading this thread

Was it hard to fit your card in the x16 slot? Or to attach the power connector to the 4090? Some times you can make more room for your card by removing devices, at other times it is necessary to remove the mainboard and place it on an electric isolating material.

Hi i understand the led white > Vga

Graphic card and port with no dirty and well fit

the problem is no boot on PCIE 16x (G5) , Boot on Pcie (G4)


Not necessarily a problem with your GPU but some people need to flash their 4090

Mentioned in this thread, and here

Symptom is blank screen rather than stock in boot.

Already patched

Very dissapointing


Hello luckylud

Nvidia gpu's need x8 pci-e lanes to function, technically, your RTX 4090 shouldn't work in the x4 slot. 

For good measure, you could try reflashing the bios.

Have you installed your ssd in the 2nd or 3rd M.2 Slot? (marked yellow)

It's possible the heatsink is preventing your RTX 4090 from fully seating. You know it's fully seated when the pci-e latch lifts up into the vertical position and locks into place. (marked red)




Hi Nate

Yes i install 2 SSD M2 on the 2nd and 3rd M.2 Slot (yellow) > 1 Samsung 990 & 1 Samsung 980

Try to flash the 3101 Bios > Succeed but alway not boot on Pcie G5 , work on PCIE G4 (Gpu-z said  Pcie x16 3.0@ x4 3.0) pci-e latch lifts up (clank sound 😉 )

It's an Msi 4090 Liquid X so no space problem with Heatsink

Thinks it's the motherboard but already exchanged (thanks amazon) , the first do the same.

Very appreciate to try help me (with my bad english level  😉


You're welcome

Yep, you have the pcie latch locked into place and with a successful bios reflash, it should be working.

From your testing, it would seem the first pcie x16 slot is faulty. Since you're already on the way with a replacement,  come back and tell us your RTX 4090 is working in the first pcie x16 slot with your new motherboard.

You will have an awesome gaming pc, I'm looking forward to hearing all is well with it.