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Asus X570 Gaming-F No display output unless I do the imaginable.....

Level 7

Hi All.

Hope someone can help with this strange issue.

Recently decided to upgrade my sons graphics card from a 1080 to a AMD 6700XT. originally the PC spec was as follows

Asus X570 - Gaming -F


Corsair 3200mz ram

On receiving the 6700xt I did all the usual of uninstalling NVidia drivers etc, No on first boot with the new card I was getting no display output at all.. thought the card maybe dead so took it out and re-seated it and all of a sudden it came to life. set it up in windows and played for a good few hours with no problems and eventually shut down the PC. Next day I turned the PC on and same again no display.. PC itself seems to boot fine in the background. So un seated and re seated and the card came alive again. This time I went into the bios and checked the usual settings like PCI-E mode, CSM compatibility (which seems to keep turning itself back on) rebooted into windows and played on the PC for a few hours, no issues to report.

Then again the next day turned the PC on from cold boot and no display.

Long story short, in order to get the graphics to initialise I have to 

  1. turn on the PC with no display
  2. pull out the graphics card (with the PC on)
  3. plug the card back in (PC will auto reboot)
  4. card will start working

I have the latest bios, DOC profile on the RAM etc..

any ideas? because this is baffling me.

P.S forgot to say, if i manage to get into windows with the display working and then restart the PC will work fine. It only seems to be when the PC has been off for over an hour or so it becomes an issue. 


Level 7

Issue sorted.

Apparently this is a well known issue with Asus boards that people call the white VGA light of death.

Basically if you turn off your PC and leave your monitor in standby and then turn the PC on after some time the MOBO wont recognise a display and bring the monitor out of standby. Trick to fix it is make sure to turn off your monitor completely and turn it back on just before powering on your PC.