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Asus X-570 F GAMING Sonic studio 3

Level 7

Hi Guys , 

I've just had to reinstall windows 11 due to multiple issues and finally all up and running with latest drivers etc.

Sonic studio 3 used to work for me and the sound quality was great.

Now at the the moment it doesn't seem to be installed and the current sound quality is poor. 

I notice there are lots of hit and miss issues with it but id love to get it back on if i can, or what is an alternative that works just as well ?

Can anyone post a reply of the correct link for my board to download it and or a comparable alternative please


Thanks in advance



Customer Service Agent

Hello, @peterjohno34_ 

Hello, and thank you for reaching out.
May I inquire if Sonic Studio 3 was functioning correctly before reinstalling Windows 11?
Could you please provide information regarding the current version of Windows 11 you are using, its components, and the versions of audio-related drivers, such as the Realtek Audio Driver?

Thank you.

Hi Jiaszzz

Ive got it working by basically installing the original driver from the asus downloads.

Its clearly an older version as any attemps to install later versions via windows update or third party software corrupts my PC and crashes it.

Windows 11 does not like newer drivers.

The original download contains everything that it should and sonic studio now works again. 

It does give me an actual update option within the software but im hesitant to use it.

Ill just leave it as is. 

The difference in sound quality for me when its installed is just night and day. So much better.

Unless Asus bring out a newer updated version then i cannot update my drivers for the Realtek driver at all. 



Customer Service Agent

Hello, @peterjohno34_ 

Thank you for your efforts and updates.
It appears that not every driver version includes the Sonic Studio 3 software.
If you have any further questions or issues, please don't hesitate to leave another comment or reach out to me via PM.

Thank you.