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Asus TUF fx506 LI mother board compatibility

Level 7

I have a bricked fx506 LI and I  noticed the MoBo  has the same general shape of fx506H that has better CPU chips,  can I swap the mother boards? the only real difference found so far is the lateral USB board connector,  I have not been able to find the little board (anyone knows the small board number?), but can live without it any way if is not necessary...  is the swap possible? any ideas?


Customer Service Agent

Hello, @Budzila 

We suggest that you visit the Republic of Gamers Forum > ROG Care > Hardware & Software Support > Gaming Notebooks section and create a post there.
Please provide the complete model number of your laptop (e.g., FX506LH, FX506LU, or FX506LI) and share the details of your difficulty.
The moderators in the laptop section will further assist you in troubleshooting the issue.

Meanwhile, please note that disassembling the device may lead to a loss of warranty.
It is recommended that you contact the maintenance center for assistance if needed.

Thank you.