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Asus Service wants to charge me for a repair for something random

Level 7

Hello, I have an Asus motherboard that has been working great for about a year.

Randomly one day, I've been having crashes and after running windows diagnostics, I was told one of my RAM slots went bad. I called asus and after running some diagnostics over the phone (checking the individual ram slots) we both came to the conclusion it's a ram issue and it's within warranty.

After sending it in, I was carefully following it on the online repair status checker, I saw it was pending repairs for 10 business days. After the 10 days I messaged back and after the call, they pushed my board to higher priority since I need it for work.

The next day, I get my diagnostic back and they say I need to pay $190 (the board new is about $190)  to fix repairs in the cpu slot?

They send me a very weird photo of the cpu socket (image attatched) with no explanation to what it is. The worst part is, it looks like it's thermal paste, not a scratch, thermal paste, probably from their own testing. Even if it was a scratch, im confused how a product can work for a year, and without any modification (or access into the machine for that matter), a scratch can develop inside the CPU.

So not only is their diagnosis different that what me, my machine, and the online support diagnosed, im being told to pay for repairs for something that couldn't possibly have been my fault?

Is Asus being the one repairing or is it outsourced to a different company? I don't know if I have to contact Asus or the service repair directly, because for someone with little to no money, I find it absurd that this can be the outcome of their service.




Customer Service Agent

Hello, @TrueJanks 

Thank you for reaching out to us.
As product serial numbers and repair information contain personal data, we do not recommend disclosing them in public comments.
Please check your inbox in the top right corner for a DM from me and provide the relevant information.
Thank you.