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ASUS ROG Z690-F GAMING WIFI - RAM Issue - Dual Config - XMP

Level 7

I purchased Trident Z5 5600 DDR and have been unsuccessful in all configs to get past POST. It works just fine with 1 stick and shows 2800 MHz as it should with 1, but no luck with 2. Note this particular RAM is on the QVL and is listed as compatible. If I have both sticks in w/ out XMP, it kills the speed and limits to 4000 MHz. Anyone here or any mods have suggestions? My BIOS version is the release from yesterday (ROG STRIX Z690-F GAMING WIFI BIOS 2305). 


Level 7

Exact RAM Modules below:

G.SKILL Trident Z5 RGB Series 64GB (2 x 32GB) 288-Pin PC RAM DDR5 5600 Desktop Memory Model F5-5600J3636D32GX2-TZ5RK

Level 7

Check the manual for your motherboard as I ran into a similar issue with my Corsair ram. The problem was that in order for me to use both, I have to have them in specific slots. Specifically the second slot of each channel.

If you are looking at them from left to right (CPU socket to right) then you will want to skip the first slot, insert in CHA_2 and then skip another and insert in CHB_2.

Hopefully that makes sense and offers some help.

I have tried all configs. A1/B1, A2/B2, etc. Typical dual configs dont work and even with them sitting next to one another it will not make it past POST. I will continue to try other things, but have ordered another MOBO. This one is known to be riddled with RAM issues.

Level 7

Does anyone have a similar issues and has been successful? Would really like a solution...

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @thatlittleitguy 

May I ask if it happens after you update the bios or replace the memory?
Please confirm whether your Intel ME is in version, whether BIOS>AI Tweaker has set the memory frequency, and whether Memory Configuration has enabled Dual Channel mode.
Could you help confirm the question below as well?
- the content of the setting in BIOS
- the brand and model name of the CPU, GPU, and PSU currently installed.
- the OS version and OS build
- images of BIOS Homepage, AI Tweaker>Memory Frequency, Memory Configuration

Thank you.