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ASUS ROG X570 Crosshair VIII Hero (Wi-Fi) Won't boot up after shut down.

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ASUS ROG X570 Crosshair VIII Hero (Wi-Fi)
Serial Number: N2M0KS085236B2J
Bios: 3904 X64, Build Date: 12/14/2021

This is a fairly new build/upgrade. I've had it since February of this year. (2023) 
Up until about a month ago, it was fine. Great even.  But now,  after I shut it down, or put it in sleep mode, it will not boot up by pushing the start-up button on the AXT case, or the start button on the MB. I have to reach behind the case and shut off power at the PSU. Then turn it back on and It will restart just fine. (With either the Case Button or the MB button.) It's only when I put it in sleep mode, or shut it down. 
And another problem that started happening when this start-up problem did. It takes almost 4 minutes to get fully booted up.
It sits at the "Press Delete or F2 to enter bios" screen, and after about 4 minutes it finally gets going. 
And it does this on a Boot from shut down, or a re-start. Where it used to boot right up. 30 seconds or thereabout. 
I've added no hardware or software, nor have I removed any hardware or software. I've run several virus scans and found nothing.
I've thought about a bios update but have my doubts about it being a Bios problem. Nothing has changed and it started doing this. 
But if I do update the bios, can I go from the current 3904 and straight to  BIOS 4601? Or do I need to do it in steps one at a time through all of the updates? I've gone straight from an older bios to the latest bios on some MB's and had problems with it.

Your help is much appreciated. Thank You.



Hello BigFan3

You can update straight to bios 4601, give this a try and see if boot time is faster.

I've updated the Bios to the current 4601. Didn't help with either problem. Both still are the same.



The long boot time is probably due to memory training.

If you have D.O.C.P. enabled and is fully stable, in the bios on the AI Tweaker tab, Dram Timing Control, set Memory Context Restore to Enabled.

This minimizes memory training and should boot faster.

Does this solve the long boot time?


I'll look at that.
 But for now,

I did some digging in other forums and found a post that had several people with the same MB series and the exact same problem. They discovered that enabling ErP in the BIOS settings fixed some people's troubles but not all. So, I tried it by enabling it at S4+S5 and it seemed to do the trick, Then I set the sleep mode timer for 1 hour (just as a test) and had to leave for a couple of hours. The PC was in sleep mode when I came back and as per usual wouldn't come back up when I moved the mouse and/or tapped the space bar. So, I shut it off at the PS, but this time it wouldn't boot up at all. The MB Q-CODE was an A2. I looked that up and as I understand it, that is some sort of boot device problem. I have a SAMSUNG 990 PRO M.2 2280 2TB PCI-Express Gen 4.0 x4, NVMe 2.0 V7 V-NAND 3bit MLC SSD for my C Drive (Main drive). So, I cleared the CMOS And it wouldn't boot up after clearing the CMOS, and the BIOS until I did it two times. (Pushing the reset buttons for 15 seconds with the ATX PS unplugged.)  So, it finally booted up and I got into the BIOS and reset the MB Setting to factory default. (Pressing F5) and it boots up fine. 24 seconds to boot up to the login screen. And will restart fine. So, I went back into the BIOS and set the memory (32 gigs, DDR4 3600) I set the memory to 3600, and the fabric clock to 1800.  Set in the default settings it was just 2660MGz and I'm pretty sure that has to be set. After doing that It wouldn't boot up. Just like before. So, I cleared the CMOS and BIOS (again) now it booted up. The MB is at default and the MB Q-CODE is AA. Which as I understand it, is "Boot into System" I have no Idea if that is normal. I believe when it was working well, the Display was “OC”. (I had the CPU overclocked at .09% for testing since last month.)
So now, I’m at a complete loss as to what to do. I’ll try your idea, send it up the flag pole, and see who salutes it.







All right, it sounds like you're making good progress.

With your pc at default settings, give sleep mode a try. 

If it comes out of sleep, then it sounds like everything is working ok.

Try setting your memory with D.O.C.P. and set SOC voltage to 1.20v and see how this goes.

If all is well, then enable Memory Context Restore.

3)Well, I’ve got it narrowed down to where it could be almost anything...
With the MB set to factory default, if I put it into sleep mode or shut it down (either one does the same) I have to toggle the PSU off/on to get it to power up and start the boot-up process. After three minutes at the boot screen, (Please press Del or F2 to enter the UEFI BIOS setting) I can press F2, or Delete over and over and nothing happens. If I press nothing and let it sit there, (With A2 Displayed on the MB Q-CODE) about three minutes later it either goes ahead and boots to Windows, or displays a “Run Setup press F1”, I press F1 and it goes to the BIOS. I can restart it, over and over without any problems (once it has booted up). I set the memory speed and set D.O.C.P. to Standard. There’s no on/off option. And I cannot find the “Memory Context Restore” setting anywhere. It must be abbreviated and I just don’t see it. I found a couple of different “SOC” options and didn’t know which one I needed so I left that alone. I saw a “CPU SOC Voltage. The options were “AUTO, Manual or Offset”. There was no changing the voltage other than changing it to one of the three settings with the predefined/set voltages. (Auto 1.080V, Manual 1.072V, and Offset mode 1.080V)
Something I found out is that if I use the “EZ Tuning Wizard” in the BIOS, and set it to a gaming/graphics computer it will not boot up at all. I have to physically reset the BIOS to get it to boot. So, there we are. (I’ve sent two .jpeg images, but I don’t think it’s working for me.)I’m going to leave for a bit. I need to get another bottle of Tylenol, a wig (from pulling out my hair) and I think I’m developing a drinking problem...

🙁 What are we doing now? I posted more details about this, and today is Thursday and I haven't heard anything back. ???