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Asus ROG Strix b650e-e Error 00

Level 7

I have a problem with my system which I built yesterday:

System New:

Asus Strix B650e-e

Ryzen 9 7900

Corsair DDR5 6000MHz

Bequiet P11 power supply.

After I start the PC, I get the error code 00 and the RAM LED lights up permanently, the system stops without a video signal. (No bios image).

What have I already done:

Bios Flashback + Cmos reset Ram's out, tried single slots through.

All unplugged and only 24 pin 12v+ ATX and 8 pin CPU power plug plugged in. CPU out, in.. with radiator without radiator. I can rule out the power supply as a source of error, because my old system runs 5800x with it.

The system just doesn't want to go into the hardware check.



Level 7

I recentrly ran into similar problems with my new build TUF gaming B650M-plus. It took me a while to figure these problems out. You said "all unplugged" but not sure what this means.
Did you try to boot the system without any drives connected? Also, afaik all Ryzen new gen processors have a built in video processor, so did you try to boot with the onboard video only? And is your RAM mentioned on the mobo QVL?

Level 7

Ich habe nur ATX 12v- und CPU 12v (Eps)-Kabel ausprobiert, daher ist das System komplett nackt, um Fehler von anderen Komponenten auszuschließen.

Einen HDMI habe ich vorerst nicht angeschlossen, auch habe ich meine RTX 3080 nicht neu installiert.

Muss ich zum ersten Booten unbedingt einen HDMI-Anschluss anschließen?

Yes, the Rams are mentioned on the QVL/Supported in the list.

Well you should attach a monitor to see if you even get into the BIOS. So only attach the PSU and install RAM in the right slots (see manual) and a monitor to the onboard HDMI port. If you can get into BIOS this way, have a look at your settings and don't set the RAM to EXPO yet, leave it on auto. Then run a RAM test (like memtest86). If you don't get a BIOS screen, i would check first if you have incompatible RAM (check mobo QVL). Also try other RAM sticks if possible. 

Level 7

Monitor I have connected, there is no picture / bios.

I also put Rams in different slots. B2/A2 or B1/B2.

CPU gets warm, so I assume that the CPU is not defective.

Since you have an orange LED (see picture above) the most likely suspect imho is the DRAM. But I can't tell for sure because you write that you did a BIOS flashback, and this may have caused unwanted effects too. What happens if you turn the system on, are any of the other LEDs flashing and if so, in which sequence? This may tell you where in the boot sequence your problem occurs.

Edit: I looked up the error codes for your mobo. It seems that the 00 code indicates either CPU abnormal, memory abnormal, or graphic card abnormal ( I'm afraid this doesn't help much, but I still think the most likely culprit is the RAM. Someone on the internet also suggested upgrading the BIOS to the latest version (ASUS mobos are known to have memory problems). I hope this helps. 

Level 7

I turn on the system and it immediately lights up the DRAM and code 00.

Nothing more happens, no other LEDs light up. DRAM only.

What makes me suspicious is that when I take out the rams nothing changes to the error code/led.

See my edit above, try the BIOS update. If this does not help, I am out of ideas. Unless someone else on this forum has other suggestions you may be looking at RMA-ing your mobo and/or CPU 

Level 7

Thanks for your tips, I've done the bios update several times.

This isn't my first computer I'm building, but this time it just doesn't want to.

Could be bent pins or a damaged CPU socket.