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ASUS ROG STRIX B550 F-GAMING + ASUS STRIX 750W Gold requires long press power button -video included

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Hi everyone,

I'm experiencing a peculiar issue with my ROG Strix B550-F Gaming motherboard and I hope someone might be able to offer some advice.

Sometimes when I press the power button briefly, my PC fails to start: it simply turns on and off instantly. However, when I hold the power button down for about 0.5 to 1 second, the PSU clicks two or three times (it cycles on and off) before the PC starts up normally.

Heres a video:

Further, the same behavior occurs whether I try to start the PC using the power button or directly with a screwdriver on the motherboard.

I've also replaced the CMOS battery, but this didn't change anything. Restarting through Windows works without any issues.

Does anyone have any insights or suggestions on what might be causing this and how to fix it?

Thank you in advance for your help!




Something easy to try is turning off the power supply switch and unplug the cable. Press and hold the start button on your case for 5-10 seconds to drain any residual power.

Replug the power supply and start your pc.




My computer usually doesn't start on the first try if it has been turned off for an hour (perhaps it is charging up with extra electricity during this time? The motherboard LED logo still lights up even when the pc turnd off). If I manage to start it by holding down the start button for 1 sec, it generally works fine afterwards, including on restarts or if I try to start it again within 5 minutes of turning it off. However, if I wait for an hour, it won't start again. If I unplug the cable as you suggested, and then drain the power, it might indeed start on the first try. Where do you think the problem might be? Motherboard or PSU?

The issue persists if I change the video card, remove a RAM stick, or move the RAM to another slot. It also continues if I remove the CMOS battery, reset the BIOS, or reinstall Windows 11.


Hard to say, but with the psu clicking, this is usually the Over Current Protection kicking in.

Have you tried updating the motherboard bios to version 3607?

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This all started after cleaning the computer and I flipped the PSU too because it was recommended, so I removed and reinserted the cables. The issues began after that. However, I've checked the cabling three times since then.

My current BIOS version is 3002.


Thank you

So, the issue is mainly with startup, other than that your pc runs fine?

For good measure, try updating to bios 3607 or reflashing bios 3002.

If that doesn't help, try Unchecking Turn on fast startup in windows, be sure to click Save changes at the bottom.

fast startup.png



Yes, my pc runs totaly fine. I unchecked Turn on fast startup but the issue is still here. 😞

I will updating to bios 3607 in this weekend.


All right, sounds good.

Let us know how it goes after updating the bios.




In just finished with the bios update and still have the problem. 😞


Sorry to hear updating the bios didn't fix the startup issue.

The fact your pc works would indicate there isn't any issue with the power supply or motherboard.

You say the problem started after you cleaned your pc, it's possible you may have done something you weren't aware of.

You may have some kind of short somewhere or a pinched cable causing the startup issue, but that's only an assumption.

If you want to troubleshoot further, you could pull everything out of your case and set the motherboard on a nonconductive surface such as the box it came in. Give it a good inspection, inspect every cable (including cpu fan and chassis fan cables) and the pins at each end of the psu cables.

Or, if you get a successful boot by holding the power button for 1-2 seconds, you could roll with that.